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Spring Virtual Academy Registration

Brentwood Families,

Virtual Academy registration is now open for all elementary schools! More information can be found at:


Registration links:






Read below for Frequently Asked Questions:


  • How long do we have to register?
    • Registration is from December 2- 9


  • If I’m signed up for Virtual Academy for the WHOLE YEAR, do I need to re-register?
    • You will receive a confirmation letter from the school within the next couple of weeks confirming you are assigned to Virtual Academy for the year.


  • If I’m signed up for Virtual Academy for the Fall only, how do I sign up for the Spring for second semester?
    • The registration window for Virtual Academy is December 2-9. You must sign up for Spring Virtual Academy or your child will automatically be assigned to in person instruction.


  • I signed up for Virtual Academy for the whole year, but I want my child(ren) to be in person for the Spring semester. Can I make this change?
    • Yes, but you must complete the registration form to cancel your Virtual Academy enrollment.


  • Can I switch from Virtual Academy to in-person instruction or vice versa once the second semester has started?
    • No changes will made after the second semester has started. You are making a commitment for the entire semester. This will impact our staff planning based on these numbers.


  • Will my child’s teacher change for next semester?
    • There is a possibility your child’s teacher may change. Once we receive student numbers on virtual and in person we will be able to make staffing decisions.


  • When will the second semester start?
    • January 20th


  • When do I have to make a decision?
    • December 2-9


If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your child’s teacher or the school at (919) 850-8720.




Melissa McKinley