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November 15, 2020



Brentwood Families,


We are excited to be welcoming our first group of Plan B -  4th and 5th grade students back into the building. All PreK-3 students will return to the building as well on Monday, November 16th. If your child is in 4th grade Cohort B or C, they will continue online remote instruction.


Most of the information below are reminders as we have our 4th and 5th grade students coming on campus tomorrow.


Please see information below for updates: 


Important Dates to Remember


Monday, November 16 = First day back for Grades 4-5  Plan B students - Cohort A only

                                            All PreK-3 Plan B students return to the building


Tuesday, November 17  = Virtual Kindergarten Coffee (Kindergarten families) 

                                               9-9:30am ; 12-12:30pm (Google link to come)


Wednesday, November 18 Remote Learning Asynchronous Day  - 

                                   (All students remain at home)


Monday, November 23  =  Remote Learning Asynchronous Day  - 

                          (All students remain at home)


Tuesday, November 24 = Remote Learning Asynchronous Day  - 

                          (All students remain at home)


Wednesday, November 25-27 = No School due to Holiday



Important Updates


UPDATE: Plan B Students Calendar


4th and 5th grades students assigned to Cohort A should return to school tomorrow (Monday, November 16th). 


All students in grades PreK-3 for Plan B should return to school tomorrow (Monday, November 16th)


Here is the calendar for when Plan B students will be in the building or working remotely.


UPDATE: Changes in Social Distancing Expectations

All schools will continue to social distance whenever possible, but K-3 classrooms are not expected to maintain six feet of space between desks or students if space does not allow. All students should continue to stay apart from other students, employees, and visitors, to maintain as much social distancing as possible.


Please know that Brentwood’s K-3 classrooms average around 15 students. We will continue to social distance as much as possible during the day.


REMINDER: Brentwood Afterschool Program

We will be partnering with Raleigh Parks and Recreation for our After School program. The program will be held on the Brentwood campus on school days from 3:00 - 6:00 for a cost.


This program is offered for Plan B students attending schools starting on November 16, 2020. The program strives to make available a high-quality program at a low cost. The goal is to include a variety of curriculum-based programs such as arts & crafts, fitness & nutrition, and homework assistance.


Registration is open and needs to be completed through Raleigh Parks and Rec. For more information and the registration process, please visit:


REMINDER: Reminder About Bus Attestation Form


Parents of students who plan to ride the bus this school year MUST submit a health attestation form. This form states that you and your child will abide by all health and safety protocols for bus ridership. Students are not permitted to ride the bus until this form has been submitted. You will need to submit a form for all of your children who plan to ride the bus during the 2020-21 school year. The form is available online in English and Spanish at


REMINDER: Plan B Parent Information Session


Check out our website to view the slide deck and recording of our Plan B parent information sessions for reopening.


REMINDER: Return to School Supply List


Below you will find the list of items for Plan B students to bring with them once they return to school. 


Return to School Supply List


Don’t forget your child’s WCPSS Chromebook, charger, and school supplies above.


REMINDER: Does your child’s teacher know how they are getting home in the afternoon?


If you have not already, please make sure that your child’s teacher is aware how they will be getting home in the afternoon. 


REMINDER: Please do not drop off students before 8am


In order to ensure the safety of our students and to make sure that staff are present to provide supervision, please do not drop off students before 8am.


All walkers should enter through the front entrance.


REMINDER:  Visitors


Only essential visitors are permitted to enter the building. All other visitors will need to wait outside, and someone will come to the front door to provide assistance. 


Parents/Guardians only escort students inside school buildings when medically or emotionally necessary.


REMINDER:  Return to Campus Checklist


Please visit the above Return to Campus Checklist as students prepare to return to school on campus.


REMINDER:  Virtual Academy Registration


The registration windows for the WCPSS Virtual Academy for the spring semester of the 2020-21 school year have been updated and set. The window for elementary schools will be Dec. 2-9. More information to come.


REMINDER: Technology Guidance for Return to Campus


Upon returning to in-person learning, our schools will have limited technology available to students on campus as most devices have been checked out to students for remote learning. While in school, students with a WCPSS device should plan to bring their device (and charger) to and from school. While at home, students will continue to work remotely using their personal devices or the devices provided by WCPSS.


REMINDER:  Student Accountability and Required Health Protocols


Student Accountability and Required Health Protocols outlines our expectations for students to strictly follow our required health protocols when on our campuses, as well as possible consequences and processes to address non-compliance. Families and students are asked to complete and sign the acknowledgement page below and return it to your classroom teacher via paper copy or via email.

Parent Signature Page


REMINDER: Follow us on Social Media


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Twitter: @BrentwoodMESE

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Instagram: BrentwoodMESE


Feel to reach out to me if you have additional questions or contact your child’s teacher if you need any assistance. We are here to support you. Look forward to seeing our students and families!


Thank you again for your  GRACE, PATIENCE, and FLEXIBILITY. 


Enjoy your week!




Melissa McKinley, Principal