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August 5, 2021

We hope the first week of school has treated you and your child well.  It has been a great start and we sure have enjoyed having our students back.  We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we work through the challenges of adapting to a new school year as we are still dealing with a global pandemic.


The Wake County School board voted to continue making mask requirements mandatory indoors, but staff and students have the option to wear or not wear them when outdoors. 


Here are a few important reminders for carpool that will help us improve time and safety each day.  Thank you for following the no left turn sign at the entrance as this has helped the flow and allowing us to load or unload students in a timely manner. As our process gets faster it will be more important to keep turning right.  Make sure your child knows their carpool number and listens for it closely each day.


Parents, please keep the carpool tag up all the way through the process in the afternoon as it will be helpful in loading students in the car even after we have called their number.  Please teach the kindergarten and first grade students how to buckle and unbuckle themselves in their seats.  I know this is not easy as I have been there myself.  Leave a little gap between you and the car ahead of you in case a staff member waves you around a delayed car. Our kindergarten students will be arriving Monday, so expect longer lines and delays in carpool once again at the beginning of next week until routines fall in place. 


We will have a "Boo Hoo" breakfast for kindergarten parents starting at 8:45 a.m on Monday in the Media Center.


Our Before School Care is up and running.  We encourage you to take advantage of our wonderful program each morning. Contact the office if you are interested or have questions. 


We are looking forward to our upcoming Boosterthon fundraiser.  This is our biggest fundraiser we do,  and it will kick off on September 1st this year.  More information will be shared with you very soon.


Thanks again for all you do making Vance a great place to be.