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November 13, 2020

 It was great to see our cohort 3 students this past week and they did an amazing job. 

 Next week, starting on Monday, November 16th we welcome all Pre-K-3rd grade students and Cohort 1 4th and 5th grade students.  We are asking face to face students to bring in their technology devices with them starting next week.  With more students in the building, carpool will become more congested and take longer, so we ask for your patience as we follow protocols and keep everyone safe. 


If you have not already, please turn in updated contact information, bus attestation forms and student accountability forms.  These are due immediately. 


There will be an asynchronous day next Wednesday, November 18th for students to work remotely at home. 


Vance and our PTA has kicked off a "No Fuss" fundraiser.  We are hoping this is a safe and easy way to help support our school and PTA as we have missed out on the past two Boosterthon's which is our primary source of fundraising income.  Please work with your family members to provide anything you can to help our school.  It's as easy as writing a check to "Vance PTA" and send it to the school office.  We appreciate all you do to support Vance Elementary School.  Take Care and have a great weekend!