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Arrival & Dismissal Procedure


Thank you for being patient as we worked through our arrival and dismissal procedure.




Bus Riders

Students that ride a bus must be registered.  If your child does not have a route, please complete the bus rider registration form at this LINK.  If your child has a registered bus route but will not be taking the bus, please decline transportation services at this LINK.


At the conclusion of the school day, students that ride a bus will transition to a designated room on our 8th grade hallway with everyone that rides on their route.  Students will be informed of this room during homeroom and again during their 6th period class on Monday.  Students will wait in that room until their route is called at which point they will board the bus and depart the school.



If a student will be walking home, students will need to have a pass to leave campus.  If you have not completed this Walker Pass Google Form, please do so now.  Students will receive their pass on Monday during homeroom.  Only students with passes will be permitted to leave campus.  Staff members will be stationed at access points around our school checking passes and ensuring only students with passes leave campus.  Students walking home, will be shown on Monday where they will exit campus in the afternoon.  



If your child will be carpool, please read this DOCUMENT carefully, as our procedure has changed for our 8th grade students and parents picking them up. On the first page of the document you will find instructions for students that are in the 6th and 7th grade and do not ride carpool with a 8th grade student.  On the 2nd page of the document, you will find the instructions for our 8th students and 6th and 7th grade students riding with a 8th grade student. 


If your child is in the 8th grade and will be carpool, please complete this Google Form.  Please complete this form even if you completed my last form as I am asking for additional information if your child has a sibling at our school or will be carpooling with other students.  Students will receive their Falcon Park Pass on Monday, permitting them to cross the street at the designated cross walk where our SRO will be allowing students to cross.   


As stated in the document, parents that will be picking their students up at Falcon Park must not arrive prior to 2:50 pm.  We must do our best not to back up traffic on Academy St.  If this begins to happen, we may lose our privilege of using Falcon Park for our 8th grade students. 


Lastly, since we have signed a joint use agreement with the town to use Falcon Park for dismissal, only students with a Falcon Park Pass will be permitted to go to the park during the hours of 2:50 pm and 3:30 pm.  




Students will be permitted to enter the school at 7:45 am. 


Buses that arrive prior to 7:45 am will unload their students in our bus loop.  The students will wait in our auditorium until 7:45 am, at which point they will proceed to their 1st period class.   


Please utilize the carpool loop to drop students off in the morning.  You may refer to the first page of this document for morning carpool procedures. We are not able to utilize Falcon Park in the morning for arrival due to staff coverage.  However, if students are dropped off at Falcon Park, our SRO will be at the same crosswalk directing traffic.


Please do not stop on Ennis St. to drop students off.


Counselors and staff members will be strategically placed to direct students to their first period class.  


Wait times may be extended on the first week of school for carpool as we work through our procedure and parents become familiar with our process.  Please be patient as we ensure our arrival and dismissal procedures are efficient and safe.


I will send out additional information on Sunday about the start of school.  Thank you and have a great weekend.