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Important Message from Cary High:


I have been informed this afternoon that our heating system in the 2000 building will not be working on Wednesday, January 13th due to an emergency repair.  I am expecting the heat to be back on by tomorrow evening, but have serious concerns about the environment for testing without heat in the morning.   For this reason, I am postponing 3rd Period in-person EOCs and CTE State Exams until Friday, January 15th.  4th Period EOCs and CTE State exams will still be given In-Person on Thursday, January 14th.  


Revised Testing Schedule:

Wednesday (January 13th):  

7:25-11:25  No In-Person Exams this day

12:15 -2:18  Period 3 Teacher Made Exams (still being given virtually)


Thursday (January 14th):

7:25 - 11:25 Period 4 EOCs & State CTE Exams (in-person)

12:15 - 2:18 Period 4 Teacher Made Exams (given virtually)


Friday (January 15th):

7:25 - 11:25 Period 3 EOCs & State CTE Exams (in-person)

7:25 - 11:25 Make In-Person Exams for Periods 1, 2, & 4


Mr. Bryant