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7-28-2020 Weekly Message

7-28-20 Weekly Message



  • Virtual Academy Registration Window #2 Closes July 29th


  • Plan B Transition - All schools in the Wake County Public School System will begin our school year on August 17th operating on a Plan B Transition Plan.  This means that ALL students will be learning through online platforms and no students will be learning on campus for face-to-face instruction.  Cary High will continue to prepare our facilities for the return of students when conditions are safer this fall.
  • Orientation Videos:  We are in the process of creating orientation videos for ALL students that will be pushed out through our website on August 10th.  
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Cary High’s Virtual Academy (VA):
    • “If my student enrolls in the Virtual Academy (VA), will they be attending a different school?”  Answer:  No, the Cary High Virtual Academy is a program built into our school.  All of the teachers in our VA are current members of our faculty. 
    • “If my student enrolls in the VA, will he/she be able to participate in clubs, athletics, and other extracurricular activities when they resume?”  Yes, VA students are Cary High students and will be eligible to participate in all activities, just like our Plan B students.  
    • Will students enrolled in the Cary High VA be following a schedule or will they have the flexibility to complete their work when they feel like it?”  Unlike the Spring of 2020, all Cary High students will be following a bell schedule that requires them to be logged in for live sessions that last 45 minutes for each of their classes.  These live sessions will begin at 7:25 am and will conclude around 2:00 pm every day.  Participation in these live sessions will be used to help determine a student’s attendance for the day.  We are very close to finalizing our 2020-21 bell schedule and will release it to families very soon. 
    • “Can my student transfer between Virtual Academy and Plan B enrollment during the fall semester?”  No, once the Virtual Academy registration window closes on July 29th, students will not be guaranteed a spot in the Virtual Academy.  Also, students who enroll in the Cary High VA are committed to that learning format until the end of the semester or year, depending on how they registered.  
    • “Do we know when students not enrolled in the Virtual Academy can return to campus for face-to-face instruction?”  As of today, we do not have a timeline for when non-Virtual Academy students will be allowed to return to campus for face-to-face instruction.  The only exception to this is for self-contained special education students who will return to campus beginning September 8th.  Stay tuned for future updates from the Governor, the WCPSS Board of Education, and our school.