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6-5-20 9-11th Grading Selection Form #2

Spring 2020 Cary High Grade Selection Form #2:


I hope all is well! If you are a student who selected the PC19, WC19, or Numerical Grade as of 3/13 for all of your Spring classes, you can stop reading this announcement.


I have included a link for the Cary High School- Spring 2020 Grade Selection Form #2.  If you are a 9th, 10, or 11th grader and you selected Option #4 (Numerical Grade with the chance to improve it with Remote Learning), please use the link to finalize your decision for each of those classes.  


Also, if you have not yet indicated your grading preferences for each of your courses, please use this form to do so now.  The form can also be found on the mainpage of the CHS Website.  It is important to note that students must be logged into their WCPSS accounts in order to fill out the form. The deadline for completing the form is Monday, June 8, 2020 at 5:00pm.


Grading Selection Support Form: