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3-23-20 Weekly Message

3-22-2020 School Message (COVID-19)


Greetings to everyone in the Cary High Community.  I hope that everyone is healthy and safe as we try to make sense of our new reality.  News updates and changes have been streaming at us for over a week now and it looks like it will continue for some time to come.  Thank you for your flexibility and understanding as the school system strives to shift from a face-to-face model of instructional delivery to one that uses more online learning and interfaces.  Governor Cooper has mandated that all schools remain closed until March 30th. After that, we will be given additional guidance and direction from his office.  


Wake County has released an evolving online resource for students and teachers to utilize.  The resource was rolled out to you yesterday through a district email (Digital Learning Resource).  For now, all learning that occurs at home is optional and focuses on review material.  This gives students (and parents) a way to maintain a learning routine and helps students retain the knowledge they have learned already.  In the coming weeks, learning opportunities will become more robust, more directed by your individual teachers, and will include new content and instruction.  


Behind the scenes, the school system is working to ramp up our digital resources and to rapidly develop the capacity of our schools to move learning forward in the weeks that follow.  Some teachers and students could probably hit the ground running right now, but the district must ensure that ALL teachers and students will be ready to engage in the teaching and learning of new material before it can begin rolling it out districtwide.  Once this plan is finalized and we receive additional direction from the Governor, we will push out more information to our students and parents.   


If your student was scheduled for an AP course this year, the AP Coordinator has posted an important update regarding AP Exams.  A message was sent out to all AP students via their email assigned to their AP account. You can review the message and details on the Cary HS Student Services Website. 


Please stay tuned for more information this week.  Until then, stay safe.  




Nolan Bryant

Principal of Cary High School