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Weekly Message May 3 - 7, 2021

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 3-7 is teacher appreciation week. Join me in celebrating the most dedicated teachers in WCPSS, our Crossroads FLEX teachers!


We greatly appreciate our Crossroads FLEX teachers for their dedication and going above and beyond to reach every student every day.

Calendar Change: May 5 is now a regular school day. Thursday, May 13, is a remote learning day.

See the traditional calendar for updates.

AP Exams: Students and parents of students taking AP Exams in the coming weeks, please read in its entirety the email Ms. Sharpe sent to you this past Tuesday, April 27.  There are steps that each AP Student MUST complete by Wednesday, May 5. The at-home digital testing window begins Tuesday, May 18. If you have any questions, please email Ms. Sharpe at

NC Virtual Courses (repeat): May 18, 2021, is the final day for NC Virtual courses. Students should complete any missing work that the NC Virtual teacher is still accepting through May 18.

Spring Semester Final Exam Schedule: Spring Final Exams will be administered beginning Friday, June 4 through Thursday, June 10.  All students taking a course that requires a state End-of-Course exam or CTE assessment must take their exam. These exams will be administered in person. Click here to view the Spring Final Exam schedule. Please carefully read all exam schedule notes posted below the exam schedule.



  • Teacher-made exams will be administered to students in a virtual environment. Every student is strongly encouraged to participate in taking their exams. For students who engage in the exam, their exam score will only be included if it supports a higher final average.  For students who do not take the exam, their final average will be the average of Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 for semester courses or Semester 1 and Semester 2 for yearlong courses.
  • All students taking a state exam which includes an EOC or CTE Post-Assessment exam are expected to take their exam in an in-person setting as required by state policy. The state exam score can only improve the course average.  If a student’s score on the state exam is lower than the combined average of Quarter 3 and Quarter 4, the student’s exam score will be curved to equal their course average.
  • Students who file a medical exemption and receive state approval will have their final grade calculated by averaging Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 grades for a semester course and Semester 1 and Semester 2 for a yearlong course.  

If you have exam-related questions, please contact the test coordinator, Mrs. Turcol, at


The original EOC scale score, achievement level, and percentile will be reflected on the student transcript.

Class of 2021: Seniors should have received a Senior Bulletin from Ms. Sharpe on Friday, April 30. Please remember to refer to the bulletin for all things related to seniors as we close out the school year. The next senior event will be held on Monday, May 13 as we host a Post-Secondary celebration for seniors and their guests. See the senior bulletin details.

End-of-Year Materials Update: Students returning to any WCPSS school will keep their currently checked-out Chromebooks. This means that seniors and students who are transferring to a school out of WCPSS must return their Chromebooks before the end of the school year.

All hotspots must be collected by the end of the school year. Students will be able to continue using the hotspots during the administration of at-home exams.

 AP textbooks, calculators, and other Crossroads FLEX items checked out to students will be collected before the close of school.  A date to return material is forthcoming.

2021-2022 Crossroads FLEX Intention Form: Due by May 17.

Crossroads FLEX will continue its usual model as a hybrid/blended learning school for students.  Our mission and vision have not changed; therefore, we will continue to be flexible when creating students' schedules to the greatest extent possible.  This means that Crossroads FLEX will offer a combination of in-person and remote (synchronous and asynchronous) learning environments.

To assist administration with planning and scheduling courses for the 2021-2022 school year, please complete the linked form for each student in your household that will be attending Crossroads FLEX to indicate their instructional preference, daily availability for classes, and technology needsTo help us better plan and schedule courses for the 2021-2022 school year, ALL Crossroads FLEX families are required to complete this form.

 Click here to access the 2021-2022 Intention Form.

Please note:

  • Crossroads FLEX is not a 100% online learning school. We are committed to teaching core content courses at Crossroads FLEX. Students will be enrolled in Crossroads FLEX taught courses whenever the master schedule and their pursuit schedule allow. Elective and AP courses are primarily taught by NC Virtual.
  • Based on staffing and content courses offered at Crossroads FLEX, students may be engaged in a combination of learning environments. The offering of each course will be subject to sufficient minimum student registration and adequate staffing and other required resources. In many cases, students taking NC Virtual courses will be assigned a support session with a Crossroads FLEX teacher to help them navigate the NC Virtual course.


Current Juniors: As of 2020, state law mandates that ALL rising seniors have a Meningitis vaccination before beginning their senior year.  Please submit a copy of your immunizations, showing the Meningitis vaccination, via email to (attn: Jennifer Wilkerson), or you may also fax it to 919-589-6714.  


Class Meeting:  Mark your calendar for the May class meetings. May 18, May 19, or

May  21.