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Volunteering & Email Registration

Volunteering 2019 - 2020

In order to chaperone on field trips or help out in your child's classroom, all adults must register and be an approved volunteer.  The volunteer system is open during business hours Monday through Friday.  Registration to be an approved volunteer must be through a WCPSS computer.

Please visit the Volunteer link (only works from within WCPSS buildings) to activate your volunteer status for this school year.

Volunteer Page
then Click Start your registration on a school computer now.  


Email Registration

NFP sends home school updates and news via email.  Email addresses can be added to a student's online profile and will stay in their profile until a request is made to remove it.  If you would like to add an email address to a child's profile, please email the information below to Mae DePaola at


Child's Name
Email Address (please verify its accuracy)