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Explorer Express for 3/29/20

WES Morning Announcements on Facebook Live This Week


This week we will be hosting WES Morning Announcements Live at 9:30am.  Families, join us on Facebook at 9:30am and let we will start off your day with a brief message for our students.  If you miss it, the links will be posted on Facebook afterwards.


WES Extended Break Opportunities


This week is another transition week to online learning.  Learning new material will fulling begin the week after Spring Break. 


Here is the link to the document:


WCPSS Online Resources


WCPSS has released a remote learning website at:


We encourage families to review these optional activities this week.  Families should pay particular attention to the sections Considerations for Remote Learning and Will Teachers Be Available at This Time?


Virtual Spirit Week #2 March 30 – April 3


3/30 – Missin’ March Madness Monday

· Wear your favorite college team colors/logo, OR

· Share a gif of your favorite college team, OR

· Share a pic/30s video shooting hoops

3/31 – Taco Tuesday

· Share a photo in the kitchen making tacos, OR

· Wear any taco clothing item(s), OR

· Share a pic reading a book about tacos

4/1 - Word Wednesday

· Learn a tongue twister and say it 3x fast in a video to share (Click HERE for Tongue Twister ideas)

4/2 - Thoughtful Thursday

· Give a short, kind shout out to a friend or staff member from WES

4/3 - Fan Mail Friday

· Email (or call) a family member/friend who lives in another state

Tell us who, where they live, and how many miles away they are from you


Field Trip Refunds



All remaining field trips for the rest of the school year have been canceled. IF you have already paid for spring field trips that have been canceled, you may choose between the following three options:

1. Donate the money to the school field trip fund. This will be used to lower the costs for field trips for next year and to aid families who cannot afford trips.
2. Have your money roll over to go toward your field trip payment for next year
3. Receive a refund (check) from the school. Refund checks will be done after spring break (at the earliest). They will be made for the amount left minus any non-refundable deposits.

If you do not respond by Friday, April 1, the remaining money will be donated. In order to receive a refund, you must respond via this form.

Thank you!


5th Grade Families: 6th Grade Registration Information


We are moving forward with middle school registration.  We are providing you with the option of registering your own child online at home. 

How parents can log in to register. Please register your child by April 15th.


Further Information and Directions can be found here:


Letter From Ms. O'Connor to 5th Grade Families


Positivity Project: Humor


This week we explore the character strength humor; which means you like to laugh and bring smiles to other people. A person with this strength is skilled at seeing the funny side of things, bringing smiles and laughter to others, and identifying and communicating the absurdities in life. Humor stretches the mind to look at things from different perspectives, keeping people mentally agile and alert. Making people laugh also produces positive emotions and happiness for the initiator. Scientists have shown that laughter reduces stress, promotes connection with other people, and can even improve focus. Humor plays an important role in helping groups of people rise above difficult circumstances and boost morale. It removes us from our present difficulties by easing tension and making life more fun.


Please give us your best (school appropriate) jokes to use on the news/Twitter/Facebook throughout the week. Check out our social media platforms all week long to find out if we use your joke. We will accept new joke submissions through Wednesday, April 1st...April Fools! We will accept jokes all week.



WES Humor Week Jokes