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May 15th WFMS Family Message


May 17th Athletics Spirit Night at Real McCoys

Please visit THIS LINK for information about our Spirit Night for WFMS Athletics this Tuesday, May 17th at Real McCoys in Wake Forest.  We hope you will come out to support us.


Papa Murphys’ Spirit Night

Our final WFMS Spirit Night at the Wake Forest Papa Murphys’ is this Thursday evening, May 19th from 12pm - 8pm.  If you are ordering online, please use the code DONATE or mention WFMS Spirit Night when you order in store to ensure WFMS gets credit.  33% of sales supporting our school will be donated back to WFMS.  Invite friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to come out and support our school this Thursday evening.


Summer Remediation and EOG Readministration

As all schools will be doing following EOGs this year, WFMS will offer an opportunity for remediation and EOG readminsitration to students who qualify for Math 6, 7, 8 and Reading 6, 7, 8 EOGs on June 14th and 15th.  Students must meet certain criteria which cannot be determined until final grades have been submitted and EOGs taken.  However, we must have a plan prior to that time.  If you are interested in your child participating in this opportunity should they qualify, please review the letter linked below and complete the bitly linked at the bottom of the letter or linked below to “opt-in.”  The school day on these days will operate from 7:30 - 2:15.  Students will receive intensive remediation in morning sessions and test in afternoon sessions.  Transportation and lunch will be provided.


Summer Remediation/EOG Readministration Letter


Cell Phones, AirPods, and other Electronic Devices

We would like to remind families that students who bring a cell phone or other electronic devices to school, such as iPads, personal laptops, or AirPods do so at their own risk.  WFMS and WCPSS are not responsible and accept no liability for any damaged, stolen, or lost devices.  Administration will not exhaust time to assist students in searching for these items if they are missing.  Our recommendation is for your student to leave them at home.  If it is brought to school, it should be out of sight and sound in any location on-campus other than the cafeteria.  Students are reminded each morning to put their phones and AirPods in their bookbag or pockets where they will be out of sight/sound for the day.


8th Grade End-of-Year Celebration

In lieu of a ceremony, 8th grade students will be participating in a Field Day on Wednesday, June 8th.  At this time, we plan to have a variety of activities including 3 v 3 basketball, volleyball, and soccer, kickball, and traditional field day challenges such as a sack race - to name a few.  We will also have music playing with a dance area as well as a selfie station with props.  This will be a three hour event during the school day.  Lunch will be pizza and donated sides and drinks.  We are in need of coolers, tailgating tents, and volunteers.  THIS is the link to the Sign-up Genius if you would like to contribute.  Parents may only attend this event as a volunteer willing to help monitor an activity.  At the end of the day, students will receive their Certificate of Completion for 8th grade.  Food and drink donations will go through homeroom content areas and are listed below:


Social Studies:  chips (small individual bags)

Math - canned soda (no glass)

ELA - packaged cookies

Science - bottled water


We have about 45o students to serve.  Water will be the biggest need throughout the entire day.  Virtual Academy students are welcome to attend. Please check the Family Message and Talking Points for updates and reminders.  


Student Conduct

We have recently been made aware of two “Tik Tok Challenges” students are participating in.  The first is the “Dunking Challenge” where a student jumps on the back of another student making physical contact pushing their head down.  The second is  a”Fight Challenge” to see how many fights one can be in.  We are again asking our families to speak with their students regarding the importance of following WCPSS Board Policy 4309 - Student Code of Conduct.  If they or you are not aware of what is included, please be sure to review it before Monday.  Students who make any aggressive physical contact with another student are subject to school disciplinary actions and will receive a suspension from school or alternative program placement.  Students who are aiding and abetting the violation of a school expectation can also receive consequences including suspension. This includes instigating a fight on social media, videoing a fight, encouraging others to fight.  Any major disruptive or dangerous behavior will be taken seriously and consequences given in alignment with Board Policy which could include suspension from school.   Please note that any suspension from the conclusion of a school year is subject to be implemented in the following school year if the student is still enrolled in a WCPSS school.  This means a student who participates in behavior in violation of the Code of Conduct in the last week of school may face suspension at the start the 22-23 school year.  our SRO’s involvement may be warranted if a studnet is injured in any of these aggressive incidents.


Again, we say thank you to the majority of our students who are following expectations daily.  It does not go unnoticed!


We appreciate our families supporting our efforts to close the 21-22 school year on a positive note and ensuring all of our students have access to a safe and orderly learning environment.


Bus Conduct

Student conduct on buses has recently been an issue for many students.  Our bus drivers are reporting behaviors that are unsafe such as students standing up, throwing objects out the window or at each other, cursing, and disrespect.  Please remember that riding a bus is a privilege and not right for students.  If repeated behaviors occur for a student, they may receive a bus suspension and the family will be required to provide transportation for their child.  If a student is removed from the bus in the afternoon for violating bus expectations, it is the responsibility of the family to pick the student up in a timely manner.


2022-23 Student Intent

As we begin preparations for the 22-23 school year, we need the help of our WFMS families.  We recognize the summer months are often transition times for families who are relocating and may be changing schools.  If you know your student will not be attending WFMS next year, please take a moment to visit the below and share the information for your student.  If you have questions, feel free to reach out to Mrs. Hughes ( or Mrs. Harmon (


End of Year Testing

We have scheduled dates for End of Grade (EOG) testing for the 2021-2022 school year. All testing will take place in the school building, including Virtual Academy students. A WCPSS Chromebook must be used to take this assessment. 


Information regarding specifics around testing for Virtual Academy students (drop-off, pick-up, etc) will be sent soon. 


If you have any questions, please reach out to Emily Leasure ( or Amanda Gambler ( 


Tuesday May 31st: 

8th Grade Science


Thursday June 2nd: 

ELA (6th)

Math (7th and 8th)


Friday June 3rd: 

ELA (7th and 8th)

Math 6th 


A message was sent to all Virtual Academy families. If you missed it, please click here. There is a Google Form that must be filled out (VA FAMILIES ONLY). All VA students will report to the auditorium on each of their designated testing days between 7:00-7:30 with their WCPSS Chromebook and charger (if they have it).


WFMS Family Message

Weekly WFMS Family Messages from Dr. Bradford are archived on our school website for your review anytime.  These messages can be found by CLICKING HERE.


WFMS Social Media

Families who have social media are encouraged to follow WFMS on Twitter (@wakeforestms), Facebook (, and Instagram (@wakeforestms) for updates.