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November 15th WFMS Family Message



Good afternoon WFMS Families,


We had a successful return to in-person learning with our Cohort 3/C students last week.  This week COHORT 1/A returns to in-person learning for their first rotation.  All families participating in Plan B on Cohorts 1/A, 2/B, and 3/C should have received a phone message today stating whether your child attends in-person learning this week for Cohort 1/A or participates in remote learning for Cohorts 2/B & 3/C.  


For our Virtual Academy families, we do not want you to miss any information so we will continue to share these emails with you so you are aware of any important announcements for your child.  Please review the information below regarding updates for WFMS.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Dr. Bradford ( or your grade-level administrator.


Below are updates and announcements from WFMS for the week of 11/16 - 11/20.



Early Dismissal from School

In the event of inclement weather causing an early dismissal from school, please know WCPSS sends a message to all families when the decision is made.  Once WFMS is made aware, we will ask students to call or text their families so they know which transportation method to take and our carpool families can arrive on-time to pick-up their student.  For students learning virtually, our dismissals will impact all classes, as our staff may also need to pick-up their children from other schools and need to leave campus to ensure their safety.  We apologize for any inconvenience.


Thank you to our Plan 3/C families for your support, patience and flexibility this past Thursday as we navigated this unexpected dismissal due to the heavy rains.




Please remember if your child is riding carpool in the morning, they cannot be dropped off prior to 7:00am so we are able to conduct the health screening.  Information was shared in last week’s family message regarding carpool procedures.  We encourage you to not wait until 7:30am to drop your child off, as this will delay them being able to enter to the building and get to class before instruction begins.


For afternoon carpool, please do not arrive to campus up prior to 1:45pm.  We ask that you stop at the cones and leave the fire lane at the main entrance to our front door open until staff are outside to direct you.  Please have your carpool tag hanging in your window to expedite the pick-up process.  Thank you for your patience each day.

Deliveries and Drop-off of Items

WFMS will not accept outside delivery of food this year.  This is for the safety of our students and staff.  If your child forgets an item they need for school such as their device, workbook, water bottle, the item can be dropped off by a parent but will need to be labeled in a bag and placed at the front door.  Our receptionist will speak with you over the speaker and come out to retrieve the item.

Fall Pictures

Fall Picture dates have CHANGED.   Please review the dates listed below and the Fall Picture Information Flyer for more information.  The new dates are as follows:


December 1st for Cohort B

December 7th for Cohort C

December 14th for Cohort A


Virtual Academy students will be able to make an appointment.  Information on this will be forthcoming.   

WFMS Spirit Night at Papa Murphy’s on November 19th

We are excited to announce our second Spirit Night at the Wake Forest Papa Murphys this Thursday, November 19th from 1pm - 8pm.  Papa Murphy’s will donate 25% of all sales back to the school for purchases made on Thursday from 1pm-8pm.  Please share this information with your family, friends, and colleagues in the Wake Forest area and ask them to support our school.


When ordering online at anytime during this school year please use the code LOVE and WFMS will also receive 25% of the purchase back to the school.

Water Bottle

Students will not be allowed to drink water directly from the water fountain this year.  Please have your child bring a refillable water bottle to school with them, if possible.

Face Covering

All students and staff returning to WFMS campuses will be required to wear a face covering.  Each student will be provided with a pack of five reusable masks during their first in-person rotation.  Face covering information shared by the district can be located on the WCPSS website.

11/18, 11/23, 11/24  - Remote Learning Days

This Wednesday, November 18th is an asynchronous (remote) day of learning for all WFMS students.  This includes in-person students on cohort 1/A and our Extended Content Standards students, who begin face-to-face instruction full-time this week.  Students will still be expected to access their classes remotely and complete attendance and assignments posted for the day in their Google Classrooms.


All students will participate in remote learning on Monday and Tuesday, 11/23 & 11/24.  Teachers will post information in their Google Classrooms for students on these two days.



Student Devices

Students participating in in-person learning who received a device from the school district during last spring or this fall should bring that device to school for in-person learning.  Students with their own laptop device are also encouraged to bring those to school.  If a parent does not feel comfortable with their child bringing their personal device, our homeroom teachers do have some devices students will be able to use each day that will be cleaned each evening.  


Students are asked to bring inexpensive headphones or earbuds.  Please do not send AirPods, Beats, or other expensive items with your child, as WFMS will not be responsible for these.  A simple pair of earbuds will be fine.

PSAT Information

Because our primary focus is on the safety and health of our students and staff, WCPSS will be offering the school day administration of the PSAT/NMSQT of the PSAT to 11th graders.  No WCPSS middle school students will take the PSAT/NMSQT this year.

Student Guide for Reopening Procedures

Our Student Guide for Reopening Procedures for families who have students returning to in-person learning over the next few weeks.  Videos have been embedded within the document for students to view so they are able to fully understand the new protocols and procedures.  For our families returning in the spring semester, these guidelines and procedures will be in place until otherwise noted.  While this is a very lengthy document, it contains VERY IMPORTANT information about our new procedures and safety protocols.

Counselor’s Corner

This week’s update includes information about the following topics. Details can be found at the Counselor's Corner.  

  • Counselor Office Hours for next week  
  • Students who did not pass one of their six classes for 1st Quarter will receive a letter in the mail in the upcoming week; the letter will also indicate whether or not a student is on track for promotion. Please contact your child’s grade level counselor for assistance. 
  • Explore information about magnet and early college high school options, including application windows (starts October 15!) and the Virtual WCPSS Magnet Parent Info session. All scheduled events can be found here. See instructions for how to apply for an Early College here
  • Self Care is critically important, especially during times of crisis. Explore resources that may be helpful. 

Dr. Bradford’s WFMS Weekly Family Messages

If you have missed a previous family message from Dr. Bradford, all messages are located on the Wake Forest Middle School website on the Principal’s Message page.

WCPSS Family Message

The Wake County Public School System shared a family message this week.  If you did not receive these messages or have not read them, please visit the WCPSS website to review the message from November 12th.



WFMS Social Media

Families who have social media are encouraged to follow WFMS on Twitter (@wakeforestms), Facebook (, and Instagram (@wakeforestms) for updates.