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November 8th WFMS Family Message


Below are updates and announcements from WFMS for the week of 11/9 - 11/13.



Parents of students who plan to ride carpool should follow the specific guidelines and directions from staff when arriving to campus.  Please allow enough time for response to the health screening questions and temperature check.  WFMS staff will not begin health screenings until 7:00am.  This means no student will be allowed out of their car before 7:00am.  Instruction begins at 7:30am each day, so students need to be in the building in their classes by that time.  Please do not wait until 7:30am to drop your student off or they may be late to the start of their class.   Please allow enough time for response to the health screening questions and temperature check.   A student will be allowed to exit the car once they have passed the health screening.  They will then enter the school building through the main entrance.  If the temperature is high on the first attempt, you will be directed to pull off and wait 5 minutes before another temperature reading is taken.  The carpool loop will run down the hill to our football stadium and back up to alleviate traffic concerns on S. Main Street.  Please know we will continually review our process for traffic flow with the new protocols and make adjustments, as needed, which may include only allowing a right-turn out of the parking lot.   No student should be dropped off or at the entrance of the bus entrance.  A staff member will be at that location and direct you to the main carpool entrance (located at the intersection/stoplight at S. Main Street and Rogers Rd.), if you try, so please follow this expectation to assist us in ensuring every student is screened.


Please keep your child home if they are experiencing any symptoms outlined in the information on the WCPSS website.

Bus Transportation & Attestation Form

Parents of students who plan to ride the bus this school year MUST submit a health attestation form. This form states that you and your child will abide by all health and safety protocols for bus ridership. Students are not permitted to ride the bus until this form has been submitted. Parents will need to submit a form for all of their children who plan to ride the bus during the 2020-21 school year. The form is available online in English and Spanish at  Students will be screened once they arrive on-campus before entering the building, in addition to your screening at home.


Please keep your child home if they are experiencing any symptoms outlined in the information on the WCPSS website.

Face Covering

All students and staff returning to WFMS campuses will be required to wear a face covering.  Face covering information shared by the district can be located on the WCPSS website.

Veterans’ Day Holiday

This Wednesday, November 11th, is Veterans’ Day.  The WFMS campus will be closed in observance of the holiday.


Student Devices

Students participating in in-person learning who received a device from the school district during last spring or this fall should bring that device to school for in-person learning.  Students with their own laptop device are also encouraged to bring those to school.  If a parent does not feel comfortable with their child bringing their personal device, our homeroom teachers do have some devices students will be able to use each day that will be cleaned each evening.  


Students are asked to bring inexpensive headphones or earbuds.  Please do not send AirPods, Beats, or other expensive items with your child, as WFMS will not be responsible for these.  A simple pair of earbuds will be fine.

Student Guide for Reopening Procedures

Our Student Guide for Reopening Procedures for families who have students returning to in-person learning over the next few weeks.  For our families returning in the spring semester, these guidelines and procedures will be in place until otherwise noted.  Videos are embedded within the document to help students better understand the procedures.  While this is a very lengthy document, it contains VERY IMPORTANT information about our new procedures and safety protocols.

The Cougar Career Corner - November Update

All WFMS Students will be receiving an assignment from the Cougar Career Corner thru their Healthful Living/PE Class, on November 23 & 24.

  • 8th Grade Cougars will be working on Major Clarity, Activity Guide
  • 7th Grade Cougars will be working on The Holland Code, Activity Guide
  • 6th Grade Cougars will be working on The Career Cluster, Activity Guide

WFMS Spirit Night at Papa Murphy’s on November 19th

We are excited to announce our second Spirit Night at the Wake Forest Papa Murphys on Thursday, November 19th from 1pm - 8pm.  Our WFMS family and community helped make our first event a huge success and we are asking you to spread the word again, so this event is even better.  All proceeds from sales during the hours listed on this date will go directly to WFMS to support our students.  Future Spirit Night dates for the remainder of the school year are listed below, so you can plan ahead.  Please invite your family, friends, and neighbors to come out and support us on these nights.


12/10/2020 (Thursday)

1/14/2021 (Thursday)

2/10/2021 (Wednesday)

3/25/2021 (Thursday)

4/22/2021 (Thursday)

5/19/2021 (Wednesday)


When ordering online at anytime during this school year please use the code LOVE and WFMS will receive 25% of the purchase back to the school.

Fall Pictures

Fall Picture dates have CHANGED.   Please review the dates listed below and the Fall Picture Information Flyer for more information.  The new dates are as follows:


December 1st for Cohort B

December 7th for Cohort C

December 14th for Cohort A


Virtual Academy students will be able to make an appointment.  Information on this will be forthcoming.   

Counselor’s Corner

This week’s update includes information about the following topics. Details can be found at the Counselor's Corner.  

    • Counselor Office Hours for next week will all be by appointment only; please email counselors to schedule appointments 
    • Students who did not pass one of their six classes for 1st Quarter will receive a letter in the mail in the upcoming week; the letter will also indicate whether or not a student is on track for promotion.  
    • Explore information about magnet and early college high school options, including application windows (starts October 15!) and the Virtual WCPSS Magnet Parent Info session. There are more upcoming information sessions, including the  Virtual Magnet, Early College and Year-Round Fair on November 7. All scheduled events can be found here



Dr. Bradford’s WFMS Weekly Family Messages

If you have missed a previous family message from Dr. Bradford, all messages are located on the Wake Forest Middle School website on the Principal’s Message page.

WCPSS Family Message

The Wake County Public School System shared a family message this week.  If you did not receive these messages or have not read them, please visit the WCPSS website to review the message from November 5th.



WFMS Social Media

Families who have social media are encouraged to follow WFMS on Twitter (@wakeforestms), Facebook (, and Instagram (@wakeforestms) for updates.