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June 7th WFMS Family Message


8th Grade End of Year Celebration

Wake Forest Middle School is excited to recognize our 8th grade students this Tuesday evening, June 9th, from 5:00pm – 8:00pm with a drive-thru celebration.  Our staff will line our carpool line and parents/students will ride through the event and our staff will cheer you on for your hard work and accomplishments during your time at WFMS.  Students with last names between A-M will be from 5:00pm – 6:30pm and students with last names N-Z will be from 6:30pm – 8:00pm.  


We will utilize our entire carpool lane by the football field through the front of the school. Drivers should follow all traffic patterns and guidance from staff.  All students and parents must remain in their cars as they drive-thru the line to be recognized.  Staff will be appropriately spaced and follow all safety guidelines from the state and local government, including wearing personal protective gear such as a mask.  When exiting the campus, the left turn lane will be blocked and all cars will be directed to turn right onto S. Main Street to keep traffic flowing smoothly.


Parents are welcome to decorate their cars and display their child’s name on or visibly inside the car as you come through.  This will assist our staff in cheering for your child by name as they come through.


Students needing to drop-off items from the checklist linked below or pick-up items such as their yearbook or athletics pictures are able to turn right into the bus parking lot after leaving the celebration to do so.  We ask that you only make a right turn from the bus parking lot onto S. Main Street to assist with traffic flow.


The event will be held, rain or shine, so we hope you will make plans to attend and celebrate your child’s success at WFMS the past three years.


WFMS 19-20 Collection Event Checklist



Collection/Return/Pick-Up of Items

Due to the unexpected closure of schools in March due to COVID-19, many end of year closing procedures did not occur for students and staff at WFMS. On Tuesday, June 9th, we will hold a drive-thru event in the bus loop area by the cafeteria for students and families in grades 6 and 7.  Information regarding specifics around this event can be found by clicking the link below for times for each grade-level, items to be picked-up and collected.


Due to the restrictions and guidelines around COVID-19, students and parents will not be able to access the building.  Staff have cleaned out all lockers and bagged items to be picked up. When you arrive, please let our staff know your child’s name, locker number (if they remember it), and homeroom teacher.  This will expedite your pick-up process.


If you are not returning to a WCPSS school next year and you received a device or hotspot during the remote learning period, you will need to return the items to the school.  If you will be attending WFMS or another WCPSS school next year, you do not need to return your device or hotspot at this time.


We will hold another event to allow for pick-up and collection of items on Thursday, June 11th from 9am-11am in the bus parking lot.


WFMS 19-20 Collection Event Checklist



Reporting of Grades

Due to COVID-19, families will access their students’ final grades through the Parent Portal in PowerSchool this year.  This proess will replace the typical end of year report card mailed each year.  Grades were finalized on Friday, June 5th for all students and should be accessible now. 


If you do not have access to the Parent Portal in PowerSchool, you may request a copy of your report card by emailing our data manager, Sabrina Porcella at  A copy of your child’s report card will also be filed in their cumulative folder at the school, as a part of the annual end-of-year closing for student records.




8th grade student-athletes should visit the link below for information from Coach Lassiter regarding your current physical at WFMS.  This will provide you with information on how the physical can be picked-up or transferred to the high school you will be attending.


8th Grade Student-Athlete Physical Information



Communication During Covid-19 School Closure

Most of the WFMS staff continues to work remotely as we are following the guidelines set forth by the state for Phase 2 reopening recommendations.  During this time, our main office line is not staffed at all times and voicemails may only be checked once a week.  If you call the school and do not get an answer or a return call, please email Dr. Bradford or the grade-level administrator listed below and we will be happy to assist you with your questions.


Principal:  Dr. Bradford –

6th Grade Administrator:  Mrs. Harmon –

7th Grade Administrator: Mr. Thomas –

8th Grade Administrator:  Mrs. Clemens –


Also, please remember our teachers will be on Summer Break starting the end of this week and may not regularly respond to emails until school begins again in August.