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May 15th - Parent Message - COVID-19 Updates


Grading for Middle School Courses

Grading guidelines from WCPSS were sent earlier this week to all families. Those guidelines in full and a summary document are linked below.  If you have not reviewed these, please take a moment to do so.  Here are some brief points of note for WFMS students:

  • Grades are finalized as of March 13th in PowerSchool for all courses. Parents should check PowerSchool for their child’s grade.  A student’s grade will not drop below their March 13th


  •  There will be no grades recorded or given during the 4th quarter after March 13th.


  • If a student is failing, parents should reach out to the teacher for information on how to improve grade during remote learning for their course. Students may improve their grade to passing during this time by completing remote learning assignments and resubmitting previous assignments.  Teachers are aligned with this expectation in all courses.


  • The final day to submit work for grade improvement will be June 1st.


  • All students will receive either a PC-19 (if grade is above a 60) or WC-19 (if grade is below a 60) as a final average for the year.


  • If you have questions regarding grading after reading the documents from the district, please reach out your child’s teacher or Dr. Bradford at

Grades 6-8  | Summary of Guidelines,  Full Guidelines



Grading for High School Courses (Math I, Math II, and Spanish for HS Credit)

Grading guidelines from WCPSS were sent earlier this week to all families. These guidelines in full and a summary document are linked below.  Here are some brief points of note for WFMS students:

  • Students taking courses for high school credit have the opportunity to opt-in if they wish to have a numeric grade as a final average instead of the PC-19 or WC-19 outlined in the middle school guidance. It is the responsibility of the student to complete and return the form linked below if they wish to opt-In for a numeric average.  Once the form is completed, the student should email it to 8th grade counselor, Ms. Rhonda Pertell at, using their WCPSS email account.  If no form is returned, the default will be a PC-19 or WC-19 for the student.

HS Numeric Grade Request (word doc)HS Numeric Grade Request (pdf)


  • Students with a passing average (60 or above), whether they opt-in for a numeric grade or the PC-19 will receive their high school credit for the course on their transcript.


  • As has been the case in the past, neither the numeric grade or PC-19 will have an impact (negative or positive) on the high school GPA.  Taking a high school class in middle school has never counted as part of their GPA so this is the same as pre-COVID-19.  

Grades 9-11 | Summary of GuidelinesFull Guidelines



Remote Learning

Students should continue accessing Remote Learning through the remainder of the school year, which officially ends June 12th.  Teachers are providing instruction aligned with essential standards which serve as building blocks for future courses students will take in the 2020-21 school year and beyond.  The link listed below is a starting point for all remote learning at WFMS.

WFMS Remote Learning Website



8th Graders Attending Wake Forest High School

Students can log into their Powerschool account and click on Class Registration for next school year to view their selected courses. If you are happy with all of your selections, there is no action needed. If you would like to drop and/or add courses, please complete this Google Form between May 13 and May 20. This form will close at 3pm on May 20. 

Wake Forest High Registration Info



EOY Check-Out Information

We will be finalizing a plan next week for EOY check-out procedures, which will include the distribution of yearbooks (which we are currently waiting to arrive), return of ELA novels, media books, and athletics gear, as well as how items left in lockers may be retrieved.  We must continue to follow state and local guidelines regarding COVID-19 as we develop these procedures.  Once the plan is finalized, it will be shared with families.



2020-2021 Student Intent Form (6th & 7th Grade Students Only)

We are currently preparing for the 2020-21 school year and need your assistance in this process.  If your child is a rising 7th or 8th grader and they do not plan to return to WFMS, please take a moment to complete the form linked below.  This information is very important in helping us determine staffing needs for the upcoming school year.

2020-2021 WFMS Student Intent Form




2020-2021 WCPSS Bus Transportation Registration

Parents may begin the registration process for bus transportation.  Information regarding this process can be located at the link provided below.

2020-2021 WCPSS Bus Transportation Registration