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August 24th Opening of School Parent Message


We are so excited for our students to arrive on Monday morning to kick-off the 2019-2020 school year.  There was a great turn out for our Cougar Camp and Open House this past Thursday and we are ready to begin inspiring our students on Monday.  We anticipate great things this year at WFMS and are looking forward to working with each family and student throughout the school year.



For parents dropping off students this school year, please make sure to follow the traffic pattern and instructions from WFMS staff as you pass through in morning and afternoon carpool.  Students are allowed to enter the building at 7:00am each day.  The earlier you arrive, the more quickly you will be able to flow through carpool.  Carpool begins to back-up around 7:15am in the mornings.  In the past, more parents come through carpool on the first few days of school, so we encourage you to have your child ride the bus, if possible, in order to alleviate traffic.  Parents are asked to pull as far forward as they can and have their students exit the car as soon as directed by WFMS staff.  Three doors on the main hallway by the carpool line extending to the gym are monitored in the morning for students to enter.


In the afternoon, please keep the second lane of carpool open at the cones to allow for emergency vehicles to enter, if necessary.  Remind your child to look for your car as soon as they exit and pay attention as carpool moves in order to expedite afternoon pick-up. Again, we ask that you follow directions from WFMS staff.  Students will receive dismissal information on Monday in their classes and should follow the expectations outlined to ensure a safe dismissal each day.


Bus Transportation

Please be patient during the first week in regards to bus transportation and the time of arrival for your child’s bus.   Information regarding bus transportation for WCPSS can be located at



Students are required to purchase a WFMS Student Agenda for the 2019-2020 school year.  The cost of the agenda is $5.00.  This agenda is school specific to accommodate school expectations for Smart Block.  We are asking that every student have their agenda purchased by the end of the first week of school on Friday, August 30th.  Agendas may be purchased online and will be delivered Monday and Tuesday, if they are purchased over the weekend.  Staff will be visiting each homeroom class on Monday morning to sell agendas for cash/check.  Please send exact cash, if possible with your child or a check made out to WFMS.


If purchasing online, please access  Parents will be asked to create a username and password, which can be re-set at any time.  Your student’s profile with their ID number or your phone number should be established.  You will then need to locate North Carolina, WCPSS (Wake County Public School System), school category and Wake Forest Middle School (WFMS).  Go to the activity, AG123-137, entitled SCHOOL AGENDA.  Payment can be made with VISA or MasterCard.   There will be a 4% processing fee, charged by OSP.  Review and submit your payment.  If everything goes through correctly, you will receive a "Thank You" confirmation order number.  Please make a copy for your record.  WFMS Staff will run the list Monday morning to deliver agendas.  If you purchase after Tuesday using the online function, you or your child will need to come to the main office to pick-up their agenda.  If you have any difficulty or need assistance with the process, please contact the OSMS support team at or 703-378-8299, ext. 204.


Student Dress Code

Parents and students are reminded of the new policy approved by the WCPSS Board of Education for student attire.  This new dress code promotes principles similar to those experienced and expected in the workplace.  The policy can be located at  Please note that head coverings of any kind will not be allowed in the school building unless aligned with and specified in the revised policy.  Please assist us in maintaining a professional environment for our students to learn.  



Only 7th and 8th grade students are eligible for middle school athletics.  Information regarding the 2019-2020 Fall Season may be accessed at  7th and 8th grade students wishing to try-out for any sport must meet eligibility requirements and submit a completed Athletic Participation Packet, which includes a current physical exam within the past year and a copy of the student’s 2018-19 school year report card.  This packet can be given to Coach Lassiter in the gym during PE or at the meeting after school.


If your child has a physical that doesn’t expire until later in the year, an athletic participation packet for this school year will still need to be completed and submitted.


There will be a fall sports interest meeting for cheerleading, girls’ soccer, football, and volleyball on Monday afternoon, August 26th from 2:30 – 3:30 in the gym.  Parents should plan to pick-up students who are attending at 3:30pm on Monday.


Child Nutrition Information

Please review your student’s id number with them if they are planning to buy lunch at school.  Students will not have access to any means to warm-up lunch items, so please be mindful of this when packing a lunch for your student.


Information regarding school lunches can be accessed at  Parents may submit money for their student’s account, as well as access information regarding free/reduced lunch.  If you have questions, please reach out to the school for assistance.


7th Grade Student Immunizations

Parents, please check with your child's pediatrician to make sure they've received the required 7th grade shots, Tdap & meningococcal.  Per NC State Statute, every 7th grader must provide proof of vaccination to the school. Documentation of immunizations must be provided to the school as soon as possible in order to avoid student exclusion from school.


If you have questions regarding your child’s status, please call the main office at 919-554-8440 and dial extension 22437 for our data manager, Michelle Beverly, or email



If you are interested in helping with the PTSA this year, please contact PTSA President Emily Hodgeman at  Information for membership and spirit wear can be located at


Stay Connected with WFMS and WCPSS

WFMS uses a variety of means to communicate with families throughout the year.  Have you signed up to receive email and text alerts from Wake Forest Middle School, Dr. Bradford, and WCPSS?  Learn more about it visiting  Remember to follow us on Facebook (, Twitter (@WakeForestMS), and Instagram (wakeforestms) for updates and announcements throughout the school year.


In addition, we will be sharing information in the coming weeks regarding a new communication method for teachers to have more direct contact with parents throughout the year.  Please be on the lookout for this information and new platform.