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Principal Peckham's Weekly Message

Greetings Martin Middle School families!


I hope you all are continuing to have a wonderful second quarter. We are in the homestretch to Thanksgiving Break, with this week and then a two day week including Nov. 25th and 26th!

This afternoon I do not have much to highlight from the calendar, but I so have several reminders and updates.



Morning drop off:

This is a reminder that morning carpool students should not be dropped off prior to 7:00am. We have seen an increase of students dropped off before 7:00, but please know that there is no adult supervision at this time, and it is highly discouraged. If you arrive early, please keep your students in the car with you until the arrival bell rings at 7:00.


Procedures for sick students:

Cold and flu season is upon us and stomach bugs may be going around. Please note if your child is sick with a fever we ask you to please keep them home until they are fever free for 24hours without medication to reduce the fever. If they are sick throwing up please keep them home until they are well. This will reduce the spread of illness. 

If your child calls and/or texts you while in school stating that they are sick, please advise them to tell their teacher and go to the front office. The office will be able to check for fevers and assess what may be going on. This helps prevent the amount of time others are exposed.

We appreciate your assistance in helping us keep the school healthy.


60th Birthday Celebration!

We will be holding one of our first 60th birthday focal events this week and next. All week students will be getting some Martin facts and history throughout the morning news and we will have a trivia contest on Friday.  On Tuesday, Nov 26th all students will receive a special treat at lunch, and 6 trivia winners will be drawn to receive an additional prize. Also, next week on Nov. 26th we will have a 60s Spirit Day, where we are encouraging all students and staff to dress according to their favorite 60s fashion. 

Finally- don’t forget about our 60th Birthday T-shirt contest! Students are encouraged to submit designs for the t-shirt to the front office or using the link on the flier. If you need another copy of the requirements, please see the copy attached to this voicemail and linked on our website.

Martin 60th T-Shirt Design Contest.pdf 


National Junior Honor Society:

Did your student  make mostly A's on their report card?  Are they service minded and interested in helping others and their school?  

Your student may want to consider applying for National Junior Honor Society!

How to apply:  

1) See Mrs. Hynus in Room #3104 for an application


2) Send Mrs. Hynus an email at for an application.

Students must request an application and the deadline for turning in an application is Friday, Nov 22.  

If you have any questions about NJHS, please feel free to email Ms. Hynus.


Calendar Dates:

Nov 21st: Fall Band Concert 7pm. Come out and see their gifts and talents- Free Admission


Nov. 27th-29th- No School for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Return back to regular schedule on Dec. 2nd.


That concludes my news and updates for the week.  Have a great night! We’ll see you bright and early tomorrow.


Lacey Peckham, Principal