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Guidelines 1/22/2021


What is it?


Our books to go program.  Students can search the library catalog online and put print books on hold for pick up. 


How do I put a book on hold?


Great question!  Check on the HOWL-To video!  


Is there a book limit?


Yes.  3 books can be checked out (exceptions can be made, just email Ms. Calvo).  :-)  Shh- don’t tell anyone…  Ms. Calvo has a habit of adding a book or two if she thinks of a book the student might like….


How will I know when I can pick up books?


Students will receive an email from Ms. Calvo, notifying the student that their books are ready for pick up.


What hours can I pick up books?


The cart will be outside from Monday- Friday 7:30 - 3:00 pm.


Where do I pick up books?


The books are located outside of the office on a black cart.  There is a “Books on the Prowl” sign on the cart.  Books are wrapped in paper or are in a bag. The student’s last name, first name will be on the spine of the book (if wrapped) or on a tag (if bagged).  


What are the loan periods?

We want students to have time to enjoy their books!  Books are checked out for three weeks, and can be renewed,  No overdue fees are charged.  Just email Ms. Calvo for renewals.  :-)  Books can also be turned in early to receive new books!

How do I return books?


Easy!  Just drop them in the “Library Books” box next to the “Books on the Prowl” cart.

*Pro tip-  If you have books from other WCPSS schools, you can return them at Centennial!  Just drop the books in the same basket or box and Ms. Calvo will send them to the other school.

Please don’t hesitate to email Ms. Calvo if you have any questions, or just to say, “Hello.”  :-)