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Principal's Weekly Message 6-6

Hello this is Kathryn Hutchinson, principal at Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School, with your weekly message. This message can be found on our website.

As we prepare for our last week of school, our biggest work of this week will be that our students will participate in the NC End of Grade tests. This is an opportunity for our students to show growth in their learning even during a most unusual year. We are proud of the hard work and dedication it has taken for all students and families to support education. Please encourage your student to try their best on these days of testing.

We welcome our Virtual Academy students back on testing days and please be sure to follow all guidelines and protocols that have been communicated with you this past week as far as arrival and dismissal. This information can also be reviewed on our website. Our staff looks forward to welcoming so many more students back on these days.

All families, please note that students cannot have their phones or technology on their person during testing. If you have an emergency that you need to reach your child, please contact our school and we can relay that message. It is important to prepare your student for this on those days.

For Virtual Academy students not coming into test, these students will follow the schedule that their teachers provide after the testing ends each day. Live instruction will be offered following that testing schedule.

For what day each test is occurring, please see the website. Sixth graders will test on Tuesday and Wednesday. Seventh graders test on Monday and Tuesday. Eighth grade will test on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. A link on our website will share the details.

Families, to help your students prepare of what to have for these days, please bring a water bottle and something to read after testing.

Be sure to look for the Virtual Awards and end of year celebrations that each of our grade levels are planning. Each team is working hard to celebrate and honor the work of our students and acknowledge accomplishments. We also look forward to honoring our eighth graders on their promotion to high school. Eighth grade families, please be sure to adhere to the schedule and be prepared to remain masked through your visit inside the building.

Our last day of school is Friday the 11th of June. Remember to have returned all hot spots by that date.

Thank you for your support of Centennial Campus Magnet where we H.O.W.L. with Red Wolf Pride. Have a great week. Stay well and stay safe.