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Mid-Week Special Message 4-7

Hello this is Kathryn Hutchinson, principal at Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School, with another mid-week message.

This message is for our face-to-face families specifically. As a reminder, Wake County Public Schools has directed us to no longer continue with the health screening at our school doors. It is critical that families assess your students prior to sending them to school each morning.

Please be reminded that the protocol when a student is sick is that they must remain home for ten days unless documentation can be provided that the illness is not COVID related and they are fever free for 24 hours.

We will continue our same procedures in responding to students who might feel ill at school. Students must still be picked up immediately; and to return, we must be provided documentation that the illness is not COVID related or wait until after ten days.

In order to continue to maintain as safe an environment as possible with our students during arrival. We ask that any student in carpool must remain in their vehicle until staff members direct them at arrival. No student should be dropped off prior to the school day.

Remember that loading and unloading students only takes place beyond our brick crosswalk. We do not load or unload students in front of our neighbors at the Friday Institute.

Again, it is important to get to campus before 7:30 as learning begins at that time. Arrival process begins at 7:05 and is done by 7:30. If you arrive on campus after this time, your student will be marked tardy.

Our students continue to improve in moving out of the building towards carpool afterschool efficiently. Keep helping them know their carpool number and watching for it to post. Thank you to our families for your patience in this process.

I want to thank our families again for your constant flexibility and patience as we proceed into this continued unusual year. Our community is amazing.

Thank you for your continual support of Centennial Campus Magnet where we H.O.W.L. with Red Wolf Pride. Have a great week. Stay well and stay safe.