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Principal's Weekly Message 9-13

Weekly Message 9-13-2019

Hello this is Kathryn Hutchinson, principal at Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School, calling with your weekly message. This message can be found on our website.

I want to celebrate our many students who participated in our first University Connection day. We are so proud of their interest and curiosity.

I also want to thank the parents that were able to make it to our first Red Wolf Roundtable conversations. Our assistant principals enjoyed being together with some of you in virtual community. We look forward to our next opportunity to sit together and connect and answer questions. Your input and insight is invaluable as we continue to precede in this unusual year.

Our students will be hearing about student council this week and there is an interest meeting on Thursday during their advisory time. More information will be coming in through advisory. This information will also be found on our website. For more information, you can contact Ms. Marissa Smith,

Club information will be coming as well through advisory. Be sure to remind your student to listen in for these opportunities. Club information also will be posted on our website.

If you have not signed up for your grade level Remind link, please be sure to do so. If you need the code, contact any of your student’s core teachers.

I know we are all looking for balance while our students learn to navigate this virtual learning time. I want to encourage in your conversations with your student to be sure to find the time to get up and move between classes. While at school, our students have the opportunity to change classes and move. Get creative and offer ideas that they can do this at virtual school as well. Jumping jacks, squats, or dancing helps keep the day moving.

Thank you for your support of Centennial Campus Magnet where we H.O.W.L. with Red Wolf Pride. Have a great week. Stay well and stay safe.