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Principal's Weekly Message 7-26

Hello this is Kathryn Hutchinson principal at Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School calling with your weekly message. This message can be found on our website.

This past Tuesday, our WCPSS School Board made the decision to move Centennial Campus’ start date to August 13th. Please make note of this change. Our staff is working quickly to continue to build schedules and make preparations for our start of the school year.

We also will work within the Plan B Transition plan. All students will begin their learning through virtual classroom settings. The first two weeks will allow the opportunity to orient our students to the use of technology and begin to build connections with their learning teams. We will work to get student materials distributed to everyone as well during this time. We will also have orientation opportunities for our parents to help in supporting learning this year.

Please be sure that everyone completes the Technology Needs Survey sent to you via email and text from WCPSS this past week. This survey must be completed by Wednesday, July 29th. If you need support in completing this survey, please reach out directly to Centennial Campus at 919-233-4217.

Wake County Public Schools has also made the decision to open the Virtual Academy application process again from this Monday through Wednesday the 29th at 5:00.

In understanding the difference between these two plans. When selecting Virtual Academy, your family will choose to remain in remote learning throughout the first semester or for the full year. This will be a consistent plan for your students to learn remotely no matter what changes might come through the semester with health and safety guidance.

In remaining on Plan B, Wake County has made the decision to begin in a transition plan. This plan has all students in Plan B starting remotely for atleast the first two weeks of school. As the district monitors current conditions and safety and health guidance, decisions to rotate back into the physical space of school will then come. Please be mindful that at any time, students on Plan B could move to Plan C, completely remote or Plan A, full return to school. All of this is based on the district guidelines.

Throughout this summer, our PTSA has been connecting and discussing how to support our new school year. Our PTSA is always looking for volunteers to support this work. Please check out the PTSA website for more information as well as how to join and become a member. When visiting the website, be sure to sign up for the PTSA Remind communication tool.

Please also be sure to update your Amazon Smiles, Harris Teeter cards and other quick and easy cards to link to our school in order to support PTSA. More information can be found on their website. Box top collection will be coming soon!

If you ordered school supplies at the end of the year, we are building the plan for when families can pick up these materials. We will schedule this at the same time as any other materials pick up.

Thank you for your support of Centennial Campus Magnet where we H.O.W.L. with Red Wolf Pride. I hope you have a good week. Stay well and stay safe.