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Principal's Mid-Week Message 3-25

Hello this is Kathryn Hutchinson, Principal of Centennial Campus Magnet calling with an important mid-week message.

I met with all teacher teams today digitally. Every team overwhelmingly sent messages of concern, greetings and shared how much they are missing our students and community. Our community has worked to build an electronic FlipGrid message that includes messages to welcome our students back from track out. The link can be found at our website to view.

At this time, we need your help. Our staff have reached out with what contact information they have to both you and your student. Please note that even if I am able to send you an email from School Messenger, unless you have given your contact information to our teachers, they may not have this contact information.

Please reach out directly to your student’s homeroom teacher as soon as possible. We want to know how you are doing. As we prepare for moving to digital learning, we want to know what your student’s ability is with that and what barriers might be presented. We understand the many factors all families are juggling at this time. Any information you can share with us to help move to learning, we welcome. We are working with the district in response to these possible barriers. We also want to make sure everyone is accessing the food distribution sites if you need.

Our final request is from your students. MANY of our students have been using Google Classroom with their teachers. We need all students to reach out and respond to their teachers on Google Classroom or their WCPSS email.

Our teachers will be pushing out information to students and are finding ways to begin connecting on that digital classroom site.

These are important asks as we want to continue to support learning for our students.

Thank you to MANY of you have already reached out, responded and even helped in participating in our Virtual Spirit Week. You can view some fun photos on our Twitter site or front page of our website.

I hope you are doing well and staying safe. We look forward to when we can be together again. In the meantime, let’s begin to build our learning community digitally.

Thank you for your support of Centennial Campus Magnet where we H.O.W.L. with Red Wolf Pride.