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Parents, this is a reminder that you are not to park in the student parking lot or the circle in front of the school. When facing the front of the school the student lot is on your right. Visitor parking is located in the faculty lot which is on your left. Visitor parking is marked.  It runs parallel to the main entrance.  Students are assigned specific parking spaces that they have paid for and are rightfully upset when they come to school and find that someone is in their spot.  Because this has been happening more frequently we are asking you to review our parking policy.  If you are not familiar with the parking lots and how they are laid out, or if you have questions about carpool, see the carpool map posted here.
Our carpool enters from Wakefield Pines Dr. at the LED road sign and goes by the tennis courts, exiting the middle school main entrance.  Parents who are taking shortcuts are putting others at risk as those areas are not being monitored by security in the mornings.  They are also inconveniencing those drivers who are doing carpool right.  Please follow the school carpool guidelines. 
Parents please do not drop off students in the following areas:
1) bus lot
2)  front of the school, circle...this is reserved for handicapped and special buses
3)  back of school
4)  middle school parking lot