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Device Distribution NEWS


Information on the WCPSS Student Device Program including care, expectations etc can be found HERE 

The school distribution of student laptops has ended. 

If you are new student to WCPSS please come by the Library Media Center and we will submit a request for a device.   

 WAKEFIELD 1:1 GOAL: We are hoping that everyone at Wakefield has a WCPSS Chromebook.   The benefits of having a WCPSS issued device rather than a personal device is that we will cover repairs and other issues related to our Chromebooks. As for any personal device, you will be entirely responsible (in case of theft or damage at school) and we will not be  involved in any troubleshooting or repair of your personal device.  All AP students may be required to get a device in order to take their exams.  ALSO, once these devices are returned to our central offices, it is not likely we can make new requests later so it is in our students' best interest to get one now.


Students must submit an AGREEMENT FORM

Those receiving a school-issue Chromebook must complete and submit a Student Device Program Agreement form.  This form was distributed at school and can also be found on the WHS homepage under the Quicklinks section.  If you forget your form, please remember to bring it later.


HOTSPOT? Students who need hotspots may contact Ms. Claudia Collins at