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Returning to Plan A

 RETURN TO PLAN A in APRIL (updated 03.23.21)

  • Official Announcement of Board decision to return to Plan A HERE
  • Return to Plan A/or Virtual Academy RESPOND FORM If you would like to request a return to daily in-person instruction (Plan A) or a request to switch to Virtual Academy (Remote Learning). You will be notified by April 7 about your request. This form is also linked on the school website.
  • This form must be completed and submitted by April 1st in order to be considered for a request to return to Plan A. Only requests submitted through this form will be considered.


  • You may contact your child's administrator if you have questions:

    A-El- Mr. Cummings

    Em-Li Mr. Harris

    Lj-Reh Ms. Gordon

    Rei-Z Ms. Keefer

  • Transportation-Students Moving From Virtual Academy to Plan A 

    Eligible bus riders currently in Virtual Academy returning to in-

    person learning must apply for bus service. The student must meet all transportation eligibility requirements. Students must also submit the health attestation form. Bus assignments will not be provided until the attestation form is received. Parents should be guided to the transportation website to apply for service ( and to submit the attestation form (  

    Requests made for transportation will be closed after three days if the attestation form is not received, and the parent will be notified.  

    Students will be assigned to a bus as quickly as possible after the attestation form is received. Typically, riders are assigned within a few days after the department receives all required information. Depending on the volume of students returning to in person learning, it could be longer. 


    WHS Bus Routes-Please click here to view bus routes for Wakefield High School. 

    We will be updating information on our return plan as we learn more.  Stay posted.