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All Senior News!

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Hello Seniors!

We hope everyone is having a great Spring Semester so far! We are already busy at work getting ready to help you all graduate this year but wanted to share some general updates and announcements just for the Class of 2021!


Senior Fee:

Senior Fees can still be paid online by clicking here. This fee is a requirement before graduation and covers the cost of your diplomas, diplomas cover, stole, and more! The fee is $55. We will be having senior events revolving around graduation and this fee helps pay for some of that, but the majority is used for the items listed above. If you aren't sure if you have paid, please let me ( or Mrs. Robin Brown ( know and we can let you know!


Book Collection:

If you have a book out, it will need to be returned to the school this semester. If you are unsure if you have something checked out to you or not, please see the attached document about checking your status in Destiny. Questions about this can be directed to Mr. John Smith ( or Ms. Joyce Deaton ( in the Media Center.


Senior Bulletin

Seniors, please check your school email for a link to access our Senior Bulletin.  ​This bulletin is to help you and your families stay informed in this remote environment, and it features important information about upcoming events hosted by Student Services as well as instructions on how to locate scholarships and other important information on the Student Services Website 

Link: Senior Bulletin


Scholarship Reporting Form:

The Class of 2021 Scholarship Reporting Form is now available! Please complete and submit the form by clicking here (or on the WHS Website) by Friday, May 21, 2021. 


Class of 2021 Post-Graduation Resources!
Below are resources that I have created for assisting you plan for after graduation!  Please look at the resources below and then complete the SENIOR SURVEY to let us know your plans.  Please also report any scholarships that you have received HERE.
Planning on going to 4 year college? Click HERE
Planning on going to 2 year college?  Click HERE
Are you planning to enlist in the military? Click HERE
Are you planning to enlist in the military? Click HERE
Need help finding a job?  Click HERE
I don't know what I want to do!  Click HERE
I also sent you an invitation to a program called YouScience.  This is a fantastic platform that will help match you with careers based on your aptitudes and interests.  Here is a flyer that explains how it works:

Congratulations on making it through to the end!  You only have a few months left, so please let us know how we can help!