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WHS Department Student Grade Improvement Policies Spring 2020

WHS Department Student Grade Improvement Policies Spring 2020

Click here to download a copy of the WHS Departmetn Student Grade Improvement Policies 


During the time of remote learning, teachers and students at Wakefield High School have sought to mitigate learning loss and provide additional opportunities for increasing mastery of essential standards for the course.

Our departments have sought to design appropriate avenues for students to improve their growth during this time in ways that allow for student growth and increased mastery of content and skills. Allowing for department decisions balances consistency with a recognition of the needs of each discipline. These avenues were also designed to reflect our approach to feedback and the challenges our students have faced during this time.


Wakefield High School is offering the following options as an avenue to student grade improvement in this order:

  1. Turning in missing work for Quarter 3 assigned prior to March 13.

 PLTs may substitute alternate assignments for work that is not appropriate for completion during remote learning.


  1. Retesting / re-assessment of material prior to March 13.

Regular department/PLT retesting policies apply.


  1. Proficiency/mastery with new material presented during remote learning.

Students will be given the opportunity to complete minor assignments as determined by PLTs. These

assignments will be graded for accuracy.   


Students interested in improving their grades should contact the course teacher. These assignments will only count towards the grade if they improve the numeric average.


All assignments for grade improvement are due to the teacher no later than 2:00 PM on Thursday, June 4th. Students and parents are encouraged to submit grade decision forms by Monday, June 8th.