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Fall Exam Schedule

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Exam Jan 2020


EOCs: Eng. 2, Math 1, Math 3, Biology

NCFEs: English 1, 3, 4, Math 2, AFM, Pre-calculus, World History, American History 1, American History 2, Civics and Economics, Earth and Environmental Science, Physical, Science, Chemistry


Special Notes

  • Students are expected to take exams at the scheduled times. Students must be present at the beginning of the exam period to take the exam and must remain for the entire exam period to receive credit for the exam.
  • Students who remain on campus after the EOC exam or make-up exams conclude must remain in the designated supervised areas and follow the schedule provided on those days.
  • According to North Carolina testing policy, students are not allowed to bring electronic devices (other than approved calculators) into the testing room at any time during state testing, including breaks. Any student with a cell phone/ electronic device during the testing period must be dismissed from testing, and a misadministration will be declared for that student. A student who has been dismissed for a violation of the electronic device policy must take the missed EOC exam on a make-up day. Per Wake County School Board Policy 3225, the student is subject to disciplinary action by school administration.