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Important 12th grade vaccine requirements (Class of 2025)



Special Information – Meningococcal Vaccination


 Meningococcal Information – REQUIREMENT – Seniors (Class of 2025)


NC law states that all children entering the 12th grade must have a booster dose of meningococcal vaccine.  If you have not already had the booster, please consider making your appointment to get it soon.  This is NC General Statute Law.  Once you have received the MCV A booster, please e-mail a copy of the immunization record to our Data Manager, Jennifer Klink, at  Ms. Klink at


A copy of the NC Statute is below.

§ 130A-155.  Submission of certificate to child care facility, preschool and school authorities; record maintenance; reporting.

(a)        No child shall attend a school (pre K-12), whether public, private or religious, a child care facility as defined in G.S. 110-86(3), unless a certificate of immunization indicating that the child has received the immunizations required by G.S. 130A-152 is presented to the school or facility. The parent, guardian, or responsible person must present a certificate of immunization on the child's first day of attendance to the principal of the school or operator of the facility, as defined in G.S. 110-86(7). If a certificate of immunization is not presented on the first day, the principal or operator shall present a notice of deficiency to the parent, guardian or responsible person. The parent, guardian or responsible person shall have 30 calendar days from the first day of attendance to obtain the required immunization for the child. If the administration of vaccine in a series of doses given at medically approved intervals requires a period in excess of 30 calendar days, additional days upon certification by a physician may be allowed to obtain the required immunization. Upon termination of 30 calendar days or the extended period, the principal or operator shall not permit the child to attend the school or facility unless the required immunization has been obtained

The meningococcal vaccine may be documented several ways on the immunization card. It is important to recognize the different abbreviations and/or names. The law states the dose must be a meningococcal conjugate vaccine.


Acceptable documentation includes: • Meningococcal • Meningo • Mening • Menactra • Menveo • MCV4 • MenACWY • ACWY • MenQuadfi


 Not acceptable documentation includes: • Menomune • Meningococcal B • Men B • Trumenba or Bexero

The Tdap vaccine may be documented several ways on the immunization card. It is important to recognize the different abbreviations and/or names.


Acceptable documentation includes: • Tdap • Boostrix • Adacel


Not acceptable documentation includes: • Dtap • DT • DTP • Td (TD)