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Kindergarten Update

Dear JYJ Kindergarten Families, 


Due to WCPSS’s closure today, August 31st, we must make the following adjustments to our Staggered Entry and Meet the Teacher Schedule:


Staggered Entry: 


Students originally scheduled to attend Staggered Entry on Thursday, August 31st will now attend on Friday, September 1st. There will be no opportunity for make-up. If your child is unable to attend, we will make a class placement using the information your family provided on the parent survey.


If your child has not attended staggered entry yet please RSVP to the link provided. This would only be if your child was assigned to attend on Thursday and will now be rescheduled for Staggered Entry on Friday, September 1st:  Rescheduled Staggered Entry Students


If your child has already attended staggered entry this week they will not be eligible to attend Staggered Entry this Friday. 


Meet the Teacher for ALL Kindergarten Families: 


Meet the Teacher will now be held from 2:30-3:00 on Friday, September 1st. Please RSVP for our NEW Meet The Teacher Time on Friday, September 1st from 2:30- 3 p.m. We appreciate everyone’s understanding of our inclement weather change to allow all of our students to have equal access to a staggered entry JYJ experience.   RSVP for Meet The Teacher Link


We will email teacher assignments to any families unable to attend on Friday afternoon.


1st Full Day of Kindergarten: 


The first full day of Kindergarten will continue to be on Tuesday, September 5th.


Thank you all for your flexibility and understanding. We have had a wonderful week so far and look forward to seeing you all on Friday!