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Heritage High Boys' Soccer Promotes Autism Awareness and Disability Awareness

Oct. 18, 2021


heritage high disability awareness night soccer team


Special Education Services is proud to present this 2021 Disability History & Awareness Month Feature Story. Please watch this video of Heritage High Soccer Autism Night⚽. 


The successful event highlighted in the video demonstrates the essence of our district's annual Disability History & Awareness Month Campaign to increase public awareness and respect for students and adults with disabilities. 


The collaborative efforts of Heritage High coaches Matt Edwards, Heather Hills, Brian Stevens, and Tom Kraft, as well as the Heritage High boys' soccer teams, brought students, staff, and the community together to promote Autism Awareness & Disability Awareness. Kudos, Huskies!


To learn more about WCPSS Disability History & Awareness Month awareness and engagement opportunities, email Velinda Prince at