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Remote Learning Tips for Parents

May 13, 2020


Watch the video for Remote Learning Tips for parents. A transcript is included below, including links featured in the presentation.


Links to Resources

Presentation Transcript

Hi, My name is Annie Bush and I'm a senior administrator from special education services and the Family and Community
Connections team.

To start our presentation, we will first hear from our assistant superintendent for special ed services, Karen Hamilton.

Hello, I'm Karen Hamilton, I'm the assistant superintendent for special education services As we now know, we will all be working in remote learning for the remainder of the school year. I want to let you know that Special Education Services, your teachers and your principals, and I am continuing to work hard to provide students with learning opportunities.

I know that remote learning is working well for some families. I also know that for some families it is and continues to remain a challenge

Please know that we will continue to improve remote learning, but it is important for each family to determine what is the right balance for their student and for their family in their home.

In the following slides we're going to touch on the importance of communication and structures around remote learning for students with IEPs

Again, it is balanced by the needs of students and families, especially for students with complex health and learning needs. You'll also find some additional resources that may be helpful as your families remain at home. As we finish the school year and look forward to what remains and then certain time for return to school, we are learning what works and what is not working for individual students remote learning.

We're working hard to make changes and help families and students through lessons and through learning. I hope that you'll find these resources helpful. Your teachers and principals are dedicated to learning for your student. They want to work with you to best meet needs for your student and our abbreviated and altered school schedules. In the last slide you'll find our contact information. Let us know what's working. And what is not. Be safe and be well, I look forward to a time when we all return to school.

Thanks, Karen

As Remote Learning continues, here are some Parent Tips, Ideas, and Reminders, as teachers provide learning opportunities until the end of the school year!   

  • Let’s start by saying that staying connected with your child’s teachers is key!  
  • At the same time, nurture independence and self-advocacy by encouraging your child to communicate directly with his or her teacher when there are questions or concerns.  
  • However, we know  that this is not possible for all students --so if your child is struggling, please talk with your child’s teacher to adjust the learning plan.
  • To protect instructional time, contact teachers in the way that works best for you and your child during the teacher’s scheduled office hours.  All teachers will continue to have at least 1 scheduled office hour each day. 


Here are reminders on how to continue to support your student’s learning at home until the end of the school year…  

  • Maintaining a space for learning in your home will continue to provide a quiet area with few disruptions or distractions. Students may continue to need encouragement to use whatever works such as headphones or earbuds to support their focus.  
  • You might consider helping your child select appropriate attire to wear during virtual time with their teachers. Continue to remind your student that their classmates and teacher will see what they are wearing to class. 
  • By now you have probably familiarized yourself with your student’s learning schedule and the platform provided by the school. Continue to maintain an established schedule at home and provide consistency in your student’s school and home routines as this may help give your student a sense of security and comfort. 
  • And remember, it is ok to reach out to your student’s teacher or service provider if you have questions about their assignments. As stated earlier, every teacher and service provider will continue to have designated office hours and times for checking in with each student.  


If your student continues to indicate they may not understand why schools are closed for the remainder of the year, use Social Stories to support their learning!  Our Extended Content Support Team compiled several Social Stories to support students with learning about COVID-19.  Social Stories are a commonly used tool to help students understand difficult issues. Let’s take a minute and explore!

These Social Stories support:  

  • Understanding COVID 19 and Coronavirus 
  • Staying Healthy 
  • Social Distancing   and  
  • School Closure 


To Access the Social Stories, follow the link on this slide. You may print out the social stories out or take a picture of the social stories with your telephone to share with your student. 


When your student is in need of a break, here are a few fun ways to make that happen! 


Our Adapted P.E. team has provided videos that will help when your student needs a brain break. These videos are inclusive and engaging for all! Click the links to learn more about the Drumming Dance and Warm-Up Exercises


GoNoodle is a Wake County Public School approved site, and is also a fun way to help students take a quick rest from school assignments by providing movement and mindfulness videos. Click on the link to learn more! 


Exercise breaks are also essential for your student and can include warm-ups, playtime time outside,  jumping jacks, yoga or maybe a walk.  For the competitors out there, how about a friendly push up competition with the family! 


As a reminder, your student’s teacher may also be a valuable resource in providing brain break and movement ideas specifically for your student.  


There are a lot of Community Organizations providing resources to students during this time of school closure - and connecting with them can be a fun experience. We have listed a few organizations here, but a web search could also lead you to other groups or agencies providing activities or resources in our area. 


Local museums such Marbles are providing virtual activities.  Click on the Play at Home link to learn more.  


Wake County Public Libraries provides Library Access from home and Storytime Anytime for all ages. 


Kid LAB helps students avoid boredom as they begin seeing the creative potential in everything. In short, it fosters imagination!  Kid Lab, offers this kind of learning opportunity for students of all ages.


Schools have been closed for several weeks, and it is important to prevent your student from feeling isolated. Here are several tips to help your student connect with friends and peers during this time. Hopefully you have used a few already!


It might be a good idea to arrange times for your student to connect with friends in a virtual platform. You might arrange virtual playdates, virtual movie nights, a scavenger hunt, virtual game nights or check with your student’s after school clubs and community connections - they may have virtual opportunities available as well.      


It is also a good idea to set up a time for your student to study with a friend.  One-to-one connections with other students help prevent your child from feeling lonely and improves your student’s emotional well-being. 


As we continue with Remote Learning until the end of the school year, the district will continue to provide you and your family with up-to-date resources and information that will be located on the Wake County Public School System Remote Learning page.  Let’s take a look!


From our main webpage click on COVID-19, and you’ll see that there are resources such as  -- free meals for children, emotional safety for students, and UNC-TV learning opportunities.  Also on this page is a link to our Remote Learning Website.   Clicking on the Remote Learning link leads you to numerous resources for families -- including grade level links, special education resources, technology support, and social emotional support.


If you know of families and neighbors who may be experiencing difficulty with connecting remotely, please share this information with us!  It is our goal to connect with all  Wake County Public School Students. 


Connecting with your student’s teacher by telephone provides families and schools with an additional way to communicate during this time of remote learning. If you have recently changed your number and have not heard from your student’s teacher. It’s important to reach out to the school and update your information. 


Learning packets are an alternative as we continue remote learning when participating through technology isn’t feasible. The packets have grade level assignments in each core subject.Talk with your student’s teacher to discuss the best way to use the packet at home. 


Please understand that school-based staff continue to work hard with connecting with all students.  If you do not have access to Technology at this time, WCPSS Technology Services will continue to provide families with devices as they become available. 


Continue to connect with your child’s teachers and school administrators if you have questions or concerns or as always you can reach out to our team, Family and Community Connections!  We are here for you!  Contact a team member of Family and Community Connections for assistance via our website, email or phone. Our contact information is listed here!  


Thank you for joining us today! Take care of yourselves and be safe!