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Update #5 for Students Receiving Vendor Transportation

September 13, 2019



We want to provide you with an update regarding vendor transportation. 

To say we’ve faced challenges this year would be an understatement. Last week, we shared an update with families who were affected by a shortage of drivers. Since that update, we have been monitoring service levels closely. While we can report that service has been restored for most families, we regret to report that it has not been restored for all. 

This is unacceptable for you and it is unacceptable for us. 

Resolving this issue continues to be our top priority. We’ve met with the Special Education Advisory Council to better understand the impact of this issue on students and families and worked towards some immediate steps to improve communication with parents as we work on a resolution. 

Specifically, we are: 

  • Gathering real-time data from schools regarding arrival and departure of students serviced by vendor transportation;
  • Prioritizing the investigations of each instance where schools are reporting that drivers are not transporting students to school in the morning or arriving to school for pick-up in the afternoon.
  • Implementing a customer-service call center by the end of the month dedicated specifically to vendor transportation so that parents can reach WCPSS Transportation staff directly and quickly. 


In the meantime, we are asking that you call your school if your driver is not picking your child up as an additional way to help us monitor the service you deserve. We have instructed schools to contact WCPSS Transportation staff immediately if they receive a call from you so we can begin investigating.

We will continue to provide updates with you as progress is made. 


Dee Luttrell

Director, Vendor Transportation