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Update #4 for Special Education Students Receiving Transportation

[Message sent to select Special Education Families Receiving Transportation]


September 2, 2019




We want to provide you with an update regarding your child’s EC transportation.


Our records indicate your student has been assigned a route. Your child’s vendor, Student Transportation of America (STA), communicated your child’s route assignment via a phone call, personal home visit or notice left at your door this weekend. If you did not receive information about your child’s stop time and driver, contact Student Transportation of America (STA) at 919-364-8094. You’ll be prompted to leave a voicemail as this is a holiday weekend. However, despite the holiday, you can expect a response back within two hours if you call before 8  p.m.


After this weekend, all students have been assigned to a driver. Please note that STA is continuing to hire substitute drivers. They expect to be fully staffed with regular and substitute drivers by Thursday. This means that while most students should expect service tomorrow, some families could experience a disruption in service if their driver is absent or sick.


We thank you for continuing to allow us to serve you and your child.



Dee Luttrell
Director, EC Transportation