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Update #3 for Special Education Students Receiving Transportation



August 31, 2019



We want to provide you with an update regarding your child’s EC transportation. 


Our records indicate you did not receive service this past week or experienced unreliable service. We regret that this falls far short of our professional standards and further regret the impact this had on you and your child. 


This week district leadership met daily to work toward rectifying this situation. We’ve worked closely with our transportation vendor to ensure they are taking meaningful and significant steps to restore your child’s service and regain your confidence. Specific actions include: 

  • Diligently recruiting and training drivers each day through the holiday weekend who are vetted and ready to work specifically with special needs students. 

  • Securing additional staff to increase training capacity without compromising quality. 

  • Improving timely communication to parents by establishing a customer-service call center.


Please know that we are keenly aware that providing a driver is not enough. We also must provide you exceptional and reliable service. 


As a result of this week’s work, the transportation vendor has trained dozens of new drivers, including our own transportation staff and school-based instructional assistants. This is needed to not only cover driver vacancies, but also ensure a group of trained substitutes. 


We thank you for continuing to allow us to serve you and your child. We will continue to update you regularly regarding our progress.


Thank you, 

Dee Luttrell 
Director, Special Education Transportation
Wake County Public School System