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Important Information About ID Mild I and II

UPDATE: March 15, 2018


We are entering year two of a four-year transition for students served in our regional ID Mild I or II programs.


ID Mild I and II classes will be strategically transitioned, and students will attend or return back to their base school to receive their special education and related services. Learn more.


We look forward to the positive changes that come with this continued transition.


Students will be able to attend their base school with their siblings and neighborhood peers.


Students will have more opportunities to become an integral part of their school community and extending as they move to the middle and high school levels.


In addition, parent/guardians often request their child have the opportunity to ride transportation with their siblings and/or neighborhood peers. In most instances, students will be able to ride regular transportation and in many cases, travel times to and from school will be shorter.


If a student has transportation accommodations and/or modifications outlined on their IEP due to a unique need, they will continue to receive special transportation as a related service to address the documented need.


For the 2018-19 School Year, the remaining ID Mild I programs will transition and students will return to their base school:

  • Lacy ID Mild I
  • Lynn Road ID Mild I
  • Knightdale ID Mild I
  • North Forest Pines ID Mild I
  • Rolesville ID Mild I
  • Turner Creek ID Mild I
  • Vandora Springs ID Mild I


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