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Student Supply Pick Up

Student Supply Pick Up

The week of June 1-5, we will be offering times for families to come and pick up their personal belongings or return any materials necessary. We have created a schedule below to limit the number of families on campus each day. There will be no need to enter the building at this time as the safety of others remains our top priority. Students who are not returning to a WCPSS school next year will need to return their devices, hotspots, and library books. All other students can hold their devices and library books until further notice. It is recommended that all items being returned are labeled for documentation purposes. Please follow the directions of staff members at all times.  

  • Upon arrival on campus, you will receive a plastic bag to put items in that you are returning to school.  
  • There will be a designated location by the front office building to pick up medication. 
  • You will be directed to the bus loop to pick up student belongings and return school items if necessary.  
  • Lost and Found items will be available as you exit campus.  

Safety Precautions 

  • If you or any family members are exhibiting symptoms and/or have a temperature, please abstain from taking part in this process at this time. We will assist you with making other arrangements. 
  • For the safety of everyone involved, face masks are highly recommended as you take part in this process.  
  • Please limit the number of people in your family coming to campus to retrieve or return items. 

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