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Writer's Workshop

Families we are having a virtual Writer’s Workshop to help support writing at home. We will be having 3 sessions with tips on teaching writing to young students and ways to foster a love of writing. The topics of each session are below. It is best to attend all 3 sessions. Please let your teacher know if you are able to attend so that we can send home a bag of materials for the workshop. The Google Meet link will be the same for all 3 sessions. It will be sent by your child’s teacher.

Session 1- Tuesday March 29th 7:15-7:45pm (parents only)


How to teach writing at home. Parents and guardians will learn how writing is taught in school for students just beginning to write, to students who are developing detailed stories.


Session 2- Tuesday April 5th 7:15-8:00pm (parents and students)


After having a week to practice writing at home with your child, today families will have the opportunity to ask questions and write with their child. This session will be split into 2 parts. Please join the time that best aligns with your child’s current writing needs.


· 7:15-7:35. Writing lesson with students who are at the beginning stages of writing and writing one sentence.


· 7:40-8:00 Writing lesson with students who are working on adding detail to their stories.


Session 3- Tuesday April 12th 7:15-7:45pm (parents only)


· Additional tips and supporting writing in the future


· Fun ways to incorporate writing at home


· Writing contest!