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Istation Reading Assessment

All Adams Elementary students K-5 will be taking an Istation reading assessment in the coming weeks.   This assessment does not count as a grade, but will provide our staff with valuable information on how to better meet each childs' instructional needs. Teachers will model the program before asking students to take the assessment.  While our teachers and staff will be helping students access the assessments,  we also want to provide parents with resources as well. 

Parent Guide               Video(English)

 Guía de la evaluación a distanciapara padres


Testing Dates

Kindergarten: Thursday, September 10th

1st Grade: Wednesday, September 9th

2nd Grade: Wednesday, September 9th

3rd Grade: Wednesday, September 9th

4th Grade: Friday, September 4th

5th Grade: Friday, September 4th

*Parents will be provided with results once all testing has been completed.