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Booster Program Donors Choose Grant Funded

My Students

Whether retained in elementary school or misgraded when immigrating to the United States, our Booster program students are dedicated, goal-oriented, and driven to do what it takes. These amazing students complete their 8th-grade year in one semester. This promotes on-time graduation and drop-out prevention with a nearly 100% success rate! It is not uncommon for them to work through lunch, stay after class, and reach out after school hours to advocate for extra help or clarification. Each day, each moment is a reward.

My Project

As we continue to navigate the uncharted territories of remote learning, it's imperative that we still provide quality materials to students. This text not only reaches every corner of our standards, but also every corner of student interest and engagement. It brings global awareness to racism, shines a light on the power of personal stories, and integrates both narrative and informational text through the author's unique style and voice.

These books will be a true gift to students.

Each student will receive a personal copy of the book "It's Trevor Noah: Born a Crime." And, this copy is theirs to annotate, interact with and savor the words on the page.