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Mathcounts & AMC 8


Lufkin Road Middle School is providing opportunities for students to participate in both of the premier middle school math competitions: The AMC 8 and Mathcounts. Both competitions will be held virtually. Participating in and preparing for these competitions help students broaden and deepen their understanding of mathematics, improve their problem solving skills, and socialize with similarly interested peers.
AMC-8 will be offered on 10 November 2020. This test is 25 multiple choice questions in 40 minutes. Any number of students are allowed to take the exam, but the school needs to know of students' interest in time to order the correct number of exams. The cost is $5. You can sign up and pay here. 
The Triangle Chapter Mathcounts competition will take place 5 February 2021. The individual competition comprises two rounds lasting 30-40 minutes each, one of which allows the use of a calculator. Both are free response as opposed to multiple choice. Lufkin has paid the registration fees; we can send up to 10 students. There will be four online practice competitions (in October, November, December, and January) that will help students get ready for the official event and will help us identify our top candidates for the official competition in February. Up to 60 students from Lufkin can participate in these practice competitions. Interested students can contact me (Mr. Richards) for a code and can take the test(s) when they have an appropriate block of time.
The Lufkin Math Club is meeting virtually over Google Meet on Mondays, 3:05-4:00, to practice. We welcome students from all grades, regardless of which class they are enrolled in at school. Interested students are also strongly encouraged to sign up for a free account on Both AMC-8 and Mathcounts competitions will be hosted on this site this year, and it also provides some fantastic resources for practice and development. (Students under 13 will be required to provide parent contact info, and the parent needs to provide consent.)
To get a feel for the types of problems and level of difficulty, please see the 2019 AMC-8 and the chapter Mathcounts exam from earlier this year. Students who are used to getting near-perfect scores in their math classes are often shocked to struggle initially to answer even a few of these right. Those who persist are rewarded to see their skill improve and their scores rise.