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Supply Lists 2019-2020



Two options for buying supplies for the 2019-2020 school year:


1. If you plan to buy the supplies at a local store, click on your track to see the correct list. 


Track 6-1

Track 6-2

Track 6-3

Track 6-4


Track 7-1

Track 7-2

Track 7-3

Track 7-4


Track 8-1

Track 8-2

Track 8-3

Track 8-4


Healthful Living Supply List

Art Supply List


2. If you would like to order all of the supplies at once through the Yubbler site, please click here


Parents will receive a 15% discount on core items if they use the coupon code LUFKIN15. 


50% of profits will be donated to Lufkin if you go through Yubbler. 


Last year Lufkin earned over $1000 that we used to purchase school supplies (electric pencil sharpeners for classrooms, etc.)