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Sign-Up to Help our Reality of Money Event


The event will be Wednesday, April 24th. 

The schedule is as follows:
Volunteer Check-in 8:00-8:20 
Volunteer Orientation 8:20-8:45
ROM Session (track 8-4) 8:50-10:15 


Sign-Up Here


We have already completed Reality of Money with 8-1,2,3 and it was a huge success! This event will be for 8-4 only. You do not have to be an 8-4 parent to help.  We need volunteers to make Reality of Money successful for this track as well!  Volunteers would be asked to check in at 8:00am on Wednesday, April 24th and stay until 10:15am when the session is complete.  There is a Volunteer Orientation following check-in that will teach you everything you need to know for the activity! You will be helping with one session of 8th graders. (8-4) 

Volunteers need to be cleared by WCPSS. This is a very easy process. Just come in to see Mrs. Ruby in the Media Center as soon as possible on a Monday-Thursday.


Details about the Reality of Money


Each student will be given a "student profile" at random. The profile will include their occupation, education level completed, marital status, # of children, student loan payment, and savings account balance.


During the simulation, students use their listed income to talk to the multiple expense stations. Volunteers at each station (you!) will assist students in making the everyday financial decisions necessary to make it to their next payday!  The stations are as follows: housing, transportation, groceries, childcare, clothing, communications, entertainment, healthcare insurance, credit cards, dollars & $ense, next payday, and a help station! 


As students visit each station they will keep a checkbook record of the transaction expense, deposit, and balance. Throughout this process, students may even need to revisit a station if they go over their budget. 


Volunteers are necessary to make this event possible! With the help of you, we can teach students to make smart decisions with money so they can build a solid financial foundation for their future!