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Student Safety

To our families, staff and students:


The events and debates of the past two weeks have forced all of us to revisit our hopes, concerns and fears about the safety of our children. There is no higher priority for any of us.


Many of us have also come to realize our children want a voice in this public conversation. Teachable moments of this magnitude do not happen frequently.


Our schools use a mix of cameras, door locks, buzzers and even police officers at middle and high school. But our best security tool can be measured in the strength of the relationships among students, staff and families.


Security thrives in an open, trusting environment.  We have encouraged our principals to have the kinds of conversations that foster this trust with you and with your children. We encourage you to continue those conversations at home.


We realize these conversations can be awkward. Please don’t let that stop you. We are not talking about political debates. We are talking about the love and caring that drives us all to place such a high priority on the safety of children.


Working with local law enforcement, we track virtually every threat to its source. Most of them result in serious consequences for students. It is both a sad and necessary reality. Immature jokes and empty threats have no place in this discussion.


So as we talk with our principals, teachers and counselors, we encourage you to also become partners with them. Working together, we are determined to create that permanently safe place for learning we all desire.




Monika Johnson-Hostler, Chair,  Wake County Board of Education

Del Burns, Ed.D, WCPSS Temporary Superintendent







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