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WCPSS & HGES Transportation

Welcome Hedgehog Families to the 2018-2019 School Year,
Holly Grove Elementary is committed to providing safe transportation for all of our students. Please read the methods and procedures of transportation below:
School transportation is a privilege, not a right. Students should always observe the directives of the school bus driver while riding a school bus. Students shall board and leave the bus only at their designated bus stop. Students must ride the bus they are assigned per Board Policy 7125/Section F. All requests for students to ride a bus they are not assigned will be denied, therefore alternative arrangements will need to be made. Please visit and click on parents/transportation to connect to the transportation department with any questions or concerns or call  WCPSS Transportation: (919) 805-3030..
Bus safety is everyone’s responsibility. All students will participate in a bus evacuation drill during the first week of school. Please review the following bus safety rules with your student(s):
1. Show respect for the driver at all times.
2. Enter and leave the bus without pushing or crowding.
3. Be seated at all times while the bus is in motion.
4. Talk using a quiet tone of voice and without profane or abusive language. Do not yell out of the windows.
5. Keep the bus clean and avoid littering.
6. Refrain from consuming food or beverages on the bus.
7. Remain in your seat without placing any part of your body out of the window, without climbing or jumping over seats, and without throwing objects.
8. Refrain from horse playing or aggressive behaviors on the bus.
The following conduct or violation of any other rule of the WCPSS Code of Student Conduct while on school transportation is specifically prohibited and may result in temporary or permanent suspension from all school transportation services. The driver of the school bus will report promptly to the principal or assistant principal any misconduct on the bus or disregard/violation of the driver’s instructions by students. The principal or assistant principal will follow the guidelines set by WCPSS as they relate to bus misconduct and may exclude a student from the bus for disciplinary reasons. Parents will be responsible for providing the student’s transportation to and from school during the period of such exclusion.
Improper conduct on the bus will result in that privilege being denied. Inappropriate behavior that distracts the bus driver’s attention is NEVER permitted.
* To be fair and consistent with all students, suspensions from the school bus are final. No alternative or substitute consequence to suspension will be made regardless of the child’s transportation difficulties during the suspension.
* By notifying parents of a child’s misconduct, it is hoped that the parents will work with schools to correct bus problems so that a suspension will not be necessary. Parental assistance will certainly help improve bus behavior. Parental concerns about a student’s bus behavior should be referred to an Assistant Principal at (919) 577-1700.
Our carpool system is designed to offer safe and efficient arrival and dismissal of students who come daily in private vehicles. Safety is our primary concern, not speed. Please be patient.
General Information
* Each participating family must communicate their intentions of carpool usage to HGES. Afterwards your family will be issued a carpool number. There is one number per family.
* Families re-use the same number from year to year. Tags are to be returned to the HGES front office if you change schools, move or wish to no longer carpool. Additional tags are available for $2.00 fee (3 tags in a set, first tag is complimentary).
* If you do not have a carpool number displayed, you will be asked to park and go to the office to sign your child out.
* All carpool students must be dropped off and picked up at the front carpool loop. For safety, NO students are to be dropped off in parking lots. Therefore, drop off the child first in carpool, then park your car if you are coming into the building for meetings or to volunteer.
* Holly Grove Schools have two lanes: the left lane is for Holly Grove Middle and the right lane is for Holly Grove Elementary. Please do not try to use the other lane to cut or break the line.
* Please be sure your children know how to fasten and unfasten the seatbelt / car seat so they can enter and exit the car quickly.
* Please have your children gather their belongings prior to getting out of the car.
* Give all hugs, kisses, and reminders prior to unloading.
* It is very helpful and safer for students to exit from the passenger side of cars.
* DO NOT pass stopped cars in the carpool loop.
* Please DO NOT talk or text on cell phones as you pull into the loading area. This jeopardizes the safety of students, staff, and other parents in the loading zone.
Morning Carool Procedures
* 8:45 AM – 9:10 AM (this ensures that students will not be late for class that begins at 9:15 AM)
* The lead car should pull all the way down closest to the media center entrance door to allow for more vehicles to unload.
* Pull up in line as far as possible. Do not leave large gaps in the line.
* Do not pull out of line to attempt to exit the line before cars in front of you move forward. This is very dangerous as students could unload from both sides of cars.
Afternoon Carpool Procedures
* Cars should line up single file in the order of arrival. Do not leave cars unattended in the carpool line.
* Your carpool number must be prominently displayed in your front window. If someone other than you is picking up your child, they MUST have that number.
* As cars arrive at the school they need to go to the END of the carpool line.
* School personnel will walk down the line of cars to enter your carpool number into the system. Your number will be called out to the students.
* Students are dismissed from the gym. Students listen for their number to be called and are directed to the carpool loop in the order their number was called. Please stress to your children that it is extremely important that they listen for their number and come quickly to the carpool line. Cars standing in the loading zone waiting for students delay everyone further back in the line.
* Students must wait on the hedgehog sidewalk logo until their car has made a full stop in the loading zone.
* Students are expected to be picked up by 4:10 PM.
* Students not picked up on time must be signed out in the office, for safety and documentation purposes. Families who are chronically late will be required to use the bus as a mode of transportation or secure an after school daycare provider.
Walkers / Bike Riders
In accordance with state law, WCPSS does not automatically provide school bus transportation to families that reside within 1.5 miles of the school their student is attending. School Board Policy directs the Transportation Department to evaluate whether to provide transportation within 1.5 miles based on walkability and cost factors. Based on these factors, no transport / walk zone boundaries are established. If your student resides in the no transport / walk zone, the parent or guardian is responsible for providing transportation to and from school. Parents are urged to discuss safety rules and to observe their children walking/riding bicycles to school. Children should wear safety helmets when riding their bicycles and scooters as required by law.
* Parents/Guardians must sign a Walker / Biker Permission Form yearly. (available at school or via the HGES website)
* Parents/Guardians must accompany their child(ren) to and from school. If you wish to have your child released and unaccompanied by an adult, you must request and approve this method in writing.
* Arrival: 8:45 AM – 9:10 AM (this ensures that students will not be late for class that begins at 9:15 AM); All walkers/bikers will enter the main campus and continue along the side sidewalks to the main entrance of the school.
* Departure: At 3:45 PM, all walkers/bikers will be dismissed. Parent/Guardian pick up will occur at the Media Center Exit Door (Kindergarten-5th Grades). Students will be released when a staff member ensures that the parent/guardian that is listed on the Emergency Locater form is the person picking the student up by verifying proper ID. If a child is being released to another family member or friend, the office must be notified and will be verified with proper ID.
* Participants and families will receive a numbered tag as a form of identification, matching and safety.
* WCPSS Employees at Holly Grove Middle will be required to follow the procedures listed. A HGES staff member will not walk students to the middle school for convenience.
* Parents/Guardians who live outside the “walk zone” will not be permitted to participate. Addresses may be subject to verification.
* A walker/biker never gets into a parked car.
* An alternate dismissal plan may be implemented during inclement weather.
Van/Bus Riders for Daycares and Camps
Families that have registered with outside care providers will have access to ride their method of transportation before and after school. These providers will use the bus loop to drop off and pick up students. Providers may drop off between 8:45 AM – 9:10 AM (this ensures that students will not be late for class that begins at 9:15 AM). At the conclusion of the school day, an announcement will be made to dismiss van riders. Students will proceed to the cafeteria and sit at marked table listing their provider. As their providers arrive, students will be called to the bus loop to leave with their providers. Pick up is between 3:45 PM – 4:15 PM.
Below is a list of our known providers:
* Holly Springs Parks & Recreation—Hunt Center
* Holly Springs School of Early Education
* Changing Tomorrow Farm
* Primrose School at Holly Grove * Beyond School Age Care * Rainbow Child Care Center * Holly Springs Academy * The Learning Experience * Active Tracks * Kiddie Academy * Kraft Family YMCA * Clubhouse * Martial Arts
*Please contact the before or after school daycare/camp provider if you have questions about transportation or services.
Transportation Changes
Teachers will document each student's normal mode of transportation (bus/carpool/van rider/walker/biker) at the start of the school year. Changes to this method of transportation must be made in writing and in the form of a note or email to the student's teacher. In addition, we recognize that emergencies occasionally arise during the school day which necessitates a change to a student's mode of transportation. In this exceptional instance, a change may be made via phone call to the front office prior to 3:00 p.m. For safety reasons, the sooner we are notified the better. 
* Please Note: No students will be permitted to be checked out of Holly Grove Elementary after 3:30 PM.
(Please be aware that middle school traffic builds around 2:00 PM)
If you have any general questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to a smooth riding year!
The Holly Grove Administrative Team