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Explorer Express Special Edition for 9/29/20

Hello, Explorer Families!


WES staff, WCPSS Central Services, and the WCPSS School Board have continued to work hard in determining next steps for returning students to the classroom. WES staff will also be watching the upcoming announcements and will update families on any changes to our daily schedules and routines. Mrs. Thomas and I are extremely proud of the WES staff and their dedication to our community as we have begun this year. 


While prioritizing the health and safety of our entire WES community (students, families, & staff), we are working daily to continue rigorous remote instruction while preparing for students to return to the school. I am thankful to lead such an aWESome staff.


Mr. Chadwick, Principal


Included in this Update


In today’s Special Edition of the Explorer Express, we are including information on our upcoming events between now and October 23rd: 


  • Apex Virtual Fun Run Program Begins on 10/7 (WES PTA Fundraiser)
  • Scheduling Feedback Changes 
  • Morning News will now be in Homeroom Google Meets 
  • Remote Learning Asynchronous Days Added: 10/7 & 10/14
  • Material Distribution Event on 10/7
  • Istation ISIP Benchmark Closes on 9/30


Scheduling Feedback for Weatherstone ES


Morning News


Beginning on Monday, 10/5, the morning news will be streamed live through every homeroom’s Google Meet link. This change will provide time for staff to take attendance and begin instruction as soon as the announcements are over.  This will also allow for our school day to have one less transition and provide for a smoother opening to our school day.  Finally, this change will incorporate a needed change as some of our students transition to Face to Face learning. 


  • Get Up And Move Time with Coach Mulford will remain at 9:00 and can still be viewed using
  • Teachers and students will join their homeroom Google Meets at 9:15 for the morning announcements and will stay on for morning meetings/P2


Remote Learning Asynchronous Days Added


After reviewing feedback from families and staff, WCPSS has permitted schools to add a Remote Learning Asynchronous day to weeks that have five school days. These days will help to reduce weekly screen time hours, provide families with flexibility during longer school weeks, and will provide students opportunities to catch up on and complete past unfinished or returned assignments.


We will be adding two Remote Learning Asynchronous days in the month of October:

  • Wednesday, 10/7
  • Wednesday, 10/14


While these are still required instructional days, on these days, there will be no whole classroom live meets and we will not follow the regular instructional schedule. Students will be able to work independently on these days to complete tasks at their own pace based on individual need. 


Students will be provided with asynchronous work to complete during the day and can also use the time to catch up on any unfinished work. Some of the work may be assigned the day before (on Tuesday); however, as this is a required instructional day, most work will be posted in the morning by 9:15 am.  This may include activities such as:

  • Independent Reading, Writing, Math, Science and/or Social Studies Lessons
  • Specials Assignments
  • Dreambox
  • IStation Practice
  • Small group interventions/enrichment 


Lunch bunch groups that were scheduled to meet on these days will be moved to Mondays during these weeks. 


Material Distribution


  • Our next material distribution will be on Wednesday, October 7th. (The same day as our first Remote Learning Asynchronous Day.)
  • Families will be able to pick up instructional materials for the upcoming weeks of school as well as Fun Run supplies for our upcoming Fun Run Event.
  • This will be a curbside pickup event that will be held in our bus loop lane. Families will drive up in their cars and staff members will be outside to give instructions
  • Bring your CAR POOL TAG (we distributed these in the first round of material distribution) to display in your windshield to help staff to move more quickly and efficiently (or a sign with your child’s name and grade if you cannot find it)
  • To speed up the process we have assigned the following times for pickup:
    • 11:00-11:45 Kindergarten
    • 12:00-12:45 1st Grade
    • 1:00-1:45 2nd Grade
    • 2:00-2:45 3rd Grade
    • 3:00-3:45 4th Grade & 5th Grade
    • 4:00-6:00 Anyone who could not pick up during their assigned time
  • If possible, we encourage students to come along for the ride to pick up the materials and say hi to WES staff.  However, we understand that  you may only be able to make one trip.  If you have children in more than one grade level and would only like to make one trip, please come at your youngest child's date and time.  


WES PTA Fundraiser: Apex Virtual Fun Run Program 


  • Weatherstone will be having our Virtual Fun Run Program starting on Wednesday, 10/7 through Monday, 10/19
  • The Fun Run is a PTA Fundraiser that encourages physical activity through a Fun Run event where students run laps outdoors 
  • Students will pick up Fun Run materials during the WES Material Distribution Event on 10/7
  • The Fun Run will take place virtually on Tuesday, 10/19. Students will be encouraged to complete the Fun Run at their homes at a time that is convenient for them on that day
  • More information on the Fun Run will be shared in the coming days


ISIP Istation Benchmark Closes Tomorrow


  • All WCPSS are required to complete the Istation Benchmark “ISIP” by Wednesday, 9/30
  • You can view this video about Istation as well:  Istation ISIP at Home for Parents Remote Guidance
  • Teachers have shared instructions and resources for taking the ISIP with their homerooms
  • If you need assistance with completing the ISIP, reach out to your teacher or the school