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Updates on the 1st Full Week of Instruction & Opportunity for Feedback


Explorer Express Updates


To best support our families' busy schedules, starting today, we plan on posting our Explorer Express information on our website late on Fridays.  (We will still send our weekly email and texts on Sunday nights as well.)  Our goal is to provide families an opportunity to review the information early if that works best for them.


Acknowledgement of Successes and Challenges from the 1st Full Week


As we have begun the 2020-21 school year, we want to take a moment to acknowledge the Remote Learning Accomplishments and Challenges that families have expressed to our school and staff. We appreciate the feedback from families as we evaluate our schedules and expectations for our students and their families. Weatherstone and WCPSS created our current schedule based on the feedback we recieved from the spring family survey and know that circumstances and current family needs may have changed since that time. 


Accomplishments and Successes

  • Made Contact with 100% of our 800 students
  • Distributed Materials and PTA school supplies to all students
  • Many of our Families have Picked up WCPSS Devices
  • Connected with Our families in Our Meet the Teams and Open House Events
  • Completed Four days of Full Instruction

Many families and staff members have shared stories of successes over these past three weeks.

While there have been accomplishments so far this school year, we also know that there have been many challenges and obstacles. The following is a list of some of the items that we are currently reviewing and determining what changes are needed to provide the best possible learning environment for our students.


Remote Learning Challenges/Concerns

  • Schedule Concerns
    • Length of day for all students, but especially our youngest learners
    • Back and forth between live and independent work
    • Logistics of being all virtual right now with potential for changes
  • Screen time for our children
  • Students not at home and the need to provide support to extended families and daycare providers
  • The Social and Emotional Needs of our Students 
    • Supervised time to interact with each other not during instruction
    • Behavior supports for families to help them encourage their children to complete work independently
  • Academic Support and Enrichment for all our Students
  • Tech Support for Families and Students at Throughout the Day


We are working hard to provide a rigorous and balanced remote learning education for our students that also provides our families with flexibility and support. Our Weatherstone instructional schedule currently aligns with expectations from WCPSS for remote learning this fall. We will continue to follow guidance from WCPSS about scheduling and remote learning challenges


At this time, we are not making any big changes to our instructional schedule. As this is the first week of full day instruction, we recognize that there are challenges and that we need to allow some time to work them out. However, we will continue to reevaluate our remote learning schedule and will make adjustments as needed going forward. We will make these decisions based on WCPSS guidance as well as feedback from our Weatherstone community. We will continue to communicate any changes or updates with our families.


In the meantime, we want to encourage our families to take breaks when needed and give yourselves grace and flexibility. We understand that these days are long, remote learning is new, and this is all an adjustment. We are encouraging our WES staff to be flexible and patient as we start this new school year. 


WES Parent Feedback Survey


We also invite you to share any further feedback in this Google Form. We will be using the feedback provided along with staff feedback and WCPSS guidance to make decisions for our school.


Thank you again for your continued support for our Weatherstone Community.  We sincerely appreciate your dedication towards your children's education.


Mr. Chadwick & Mrs. Thomas

Principal & Assistant Principal